- May 4 2019

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Clues Answers
#2 website in world popularity YOUTUBE
''Catch-22'' locale MESSTENT
''Christmas Song'' hot spot OPENFIRE
''Since Eve __ apples'': Byron ATE
''Take your medicine!'' NOEXCUSE
Anted (up) PONIED
App attention-getter SPLASHAD
App developer DOTCOM
Ashes, in large part LIMBS
Author of Amazon's top book of 2018 OBAMA
Away from work, in emails OOO
California Prune and Apricot Growers, today SUNSWEET
Canopy for rabbi-conducted weddings HUPPAH
Carrier bought by Evenflo SNUGLI
Clam house freebie BIB
Column in the sports section WINS
Completely appropriate ASITSHOULDBE
Cornfield creation ROWS
Date for a group GIG
Don't mean to say BLURT
DVD measure RPM
Electric SUV make as of 2018 JAG
Emergency assistance, from nautical lingo BAILOUTS
Eton uproars SCRUMS
Federal Statistical System agency CENSUSBUREAU
Federal __ CASE
First name that sounds like two letters ARI
First pronoun in ''Richard III'' OUR
Floor (as a noun or verb) DECK
Got friendly COZIEDUP
Heading through VIA
Healthy Kids Day sponsor YMCA
Heat-keeping measure RVALUE
Henri's heap MASSE
IBM release of 1981 MSDOS
Implement for 40,000+ years AXE
Clues Answers
It's called ''High'' in the UK MAINST
Jim Broadbent, in ''The Iron Lady'' DENIS
Mood rise UPTICK
Most preferred PET
Omega-3 source COD
One placed on a pedestal URN
Onetime Ali bodyguard MRT
Over your head AIRBORNE
Part of a Miss Piggy costume BOA
Places for plants LEDGES
Plants with covers MOLES
Pleasant respite OASIS
Predestine ORDAIN
Principal in GE's creation JPMORGAN
Quite an odd one WEIRDO
Reinforce from below UNDERPIN
Short-range missile PIE
Short-term obsessions CRAZES
Stamp for a coin DIE
Start with spirit, with ''in'' WADE
Strong-connection interjection POW
Superlative GRADEA
The Maldives, for instance ATOLLS
Toon on some Scottish souvenir decals NESSIE
Top of __ (Alpine dining/shopping venue) EUROPE
Tupelo's and Fort Myers' county LEE
Vocal calmer SHH
What irises can be used for IDS
What many freshmen must enroll in MEALPLAN
What spas are visited for GETAWAYS
Whichever ANYOLD
Word from the Greek for ''attack'' PIRATE
Work with a net TRAWL
World's highest average-salary league NBA
__ blue (Ivy League hue) ELI