USA Today - Jun 15 2019

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Clues Answers
'Continue . . .' GOON
'Diamond ___' (Mae West play) LIL
'How Blue' singer McEntire REBA
26-Down:Ghana::___:Norway OSLO
3-ball's color, in pool RED
Altar creation UNION
Backing down GIVINGIN
Barista's workplace CAFE
Beanery patron EATER
Beast with a rack STAG
Blue Monopoly bills, now TENS
Brit's 'cuppa' TEA
Bull's-eye piercer DART
Bumbling sort OAF
Business card no EXT
Colette, for Knightley ROLE
Color TV pioneer RCA
Corner chess piece ROOK
Corrida cheer OLE
Designate one's zodiac symbol? ASSIGNASIGN
Did a washday chore IRONED
Did cross-country, e.g RAN
Divvy up land? ALLOTALOT
Ernest or Julio Gallo VINTNER
Final Four game, briefly SEMI
First lady Adams ABIGAIL
Flight update abbr ETA
Floorboard nail BRAD
Flower-to-be BUD
Flying sod on the links DIVOT
Gain through merit EARN
Garcia of 'Ocean's 11' ANDY
Get-up-and-go VERVE
Ghana's main port ACCRA
GI's fare MESS
Give insider info to TIPOFF
Giving the heave-ho to AXING
Clues Answers
Golden Globes movie category DRAMA
Have the cash for some wheels? AFFORDAFORD
Health care program since 1965 MEDICAID
iOS alternative ANDROID
Kid on a snow day, often SLEDDER
Knightley of 'Colette' KEIRA
Like the hills, it's said OLD
Lose one's cool PANIC
Lucy Lawless princess XENA
Mob kingpin CAPO
Moves in on NEARS
Not quite right OFF
Occupants of quarters SERVANTS
Ollie's comedic partner STAN
Omar of 'Doctor Zhivago' SHARIF
Penalty flag tosser, for short REF
Petrova of tennis NADIA
Pitchfork-shaped letters PSIS
Portsmouth privy LOO
Prefix with knock or lock ANTI
Put on a long puss POUT
Repair with screws or bolts? AFFIXAFIX
Searched hastily, with 'through' RIFLED
Sofia's land BULGARIA
Soothing succulent ALOE
Tau and Maltese CROSSES
Tiki bar party LUAU
Tough as nails GRITTY
Tuna at sushi bars AHI
Two-piece top BRA
Typeface like Helvetica ARIAL
Unlike a studio album LIVE
West Coast airport letters LAX
Word after club or cream SODA
Word repeated after 'Que,' in song SERA
Worth money OFVALUE
___ del Fuego TIERRA
___-existing condition PRE