The Sun - Two Speed - Apr 30 2019

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Clues Answers
Active Sicilian volcano ETNA
Alcoholic beverages (informal) BOOZE
Authorised CLEARED
Behind schedule LATE
Chap granted asylum? MADMAN
Chicanery DECEIT
Communication from landlord? LETTER
Concerning ABOUT
Craving DESIRE
Creature has some real ambivalence LAMB
Drink, black, to leak out slowly BOOZE
Even church is included backing fraud DECEIT
Female undergarments LINGERIE
Flyer bagging six in two areas on hill AVIATOR
Girl playing ocarina with Liberal CAROLINA
Good service on lines providing cup GRAIL
Holy chalice GRAIL
Husband in food shop in capital territory DELHI
Ignorant girl fighting English UNAWARE
Indian metropolis DELHI
Intellectual euphoric at summit HIGHBROW
Live as daughter in the pink DWELL
Lunatic MADMAN
Managed detective division and rank RANCID
Name shared by two US states CAROLINA
Non-believer ATHEIST
Clues Answers
Oblivious UNAWARE
On U-boat that's in trouble ABOUT
Overthrow SUBVERT
Perpetuity ETERNITY
Religious leader BUDDHA
Reside DWELL
Round relative sheds pound in weight OUNCE
Sceptic witnessing bank robbery? ATHEIST
Scottish man looked wealthy MONEYED
Smoker from Sicily appears in Vietnam ETNA
Snow leopard OUNCE
Solitary LONE
Solo from girl on euphonium LONE
Sophisticated HIGHBROW
Strangely declare to be exonerated CLEARED
Student had meal but not on time LATE
Time in entirety perhaps? ETERNITY
Undermine mad brutes, snatching victory SUBVERT
Underwear that is put on last LINGERIE
US pal had destroyed shrine icon BUDDHA
Wish to dump teacher in river DESIRE
Written message LETTER
Young sheep LAMB