Family Time - Apr 28 2019

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Clues Answers
"And lead us not ___ ..." INTO
"Dear ___ or Madam" SIR
"What ___ you eating?" ARE
"___ Story" (film) TOY
12:00, fancy NOONDAY
A la ___ (dessert option) MODE
Abolish BAN
Andes pack animal LLAMA
Angelic topper HALO
Answer in geometry, sometimes AREA
Any large dictionary TOME
Barbecue spinner SPIT
Be introduced to MEET
Be too nosy SNOOP
Become exhausted TIRE
Caught stealing on a diamond OUT
Curtain supporter ROD
Dazzling success ECLAT
Entryway of a sort GATE
Every single one ALL
First word of many sentences THE
Four years for U.S. presidents, for example TERM
G8 member USA
Good buddy PAL
Good way to stand ERECT
Great flair ELAN
Helen's destination TROY
Hen's output EGG
Hit the nail on the thumb? ERR
Hot or iced beverage TEA
In desperate need of money POOR
Clues Answers
Ingredient in many cosmetics ALOE
Instrument with which to write PEN
It has three small bones EAR
It's made by coiling wire around a 46-Down core ELECTROMAGNET
Last number in many countdowns ONE
Lingo for a specific group ARGOT
Little man LAD
More than half MOST
Nabisco cookie OREO
Number that starts many countdowns TEN
One way to remove wrinkles IRON
Picked out rock? ORE
Play place in London THEATRE
Put into operation USE
Rotten smell ODOR
Serious film type DRAMA
Setting for pews NAVE
Start a poker pot ANTE
Theme song (2 words) SIGNATURETUNE
Thing with goldfish, sometimes POND
Tiny amount IOTA
Traveled on a camel's back RODE
Treetop housing NEST
Trigonometry ratio TANGENT
Try to get a genie out of a lamp RUB
TV show, "American ___" IDOL
Very, very spooky SPINECHILLING
Wander from place to place ROVE
Weaponry storehouse ARSENAL
Withdraw the troops during battle RETREAT