Wall Street Journal - Apr 27 2019 - The Long and the Short of It

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Clues Answers
'...Death's ___ dart, to strike him dead': Shakespeare EBON
'Aw, shucks!' GEE
'Cheerleader' singer OMI
'Full speed ahead!' ITSAGO
'Star Wars' bounty hunter Boba FETT
1960s TV role for Frances Bavier AUNTBEE
Afore ERE
Amorphous mass BLOB
April sign ARIES
Apt. identifiers NOS
Attacks absent friends, say BACKBITES
Betray one's drunkenness SLUR
Big bauxite miner ALCOA
Big name in car care MEINEKE
Book reviewer? CPA
Brand in the bathroom QTIP
Brand with a secret formula DRPEPPER
Brings in REAPS
Briny expanse OPENSEA
Bust measurement? KILO
Caravan carrier CAMEL
Cause of many an email fiasco REPLYALL
Character usually drawn mouthless DILBERT
Cheer for a capeador OLE
Chiding sounds TSKS
City north of Naples CASERTA
Co-star of 1969's 'Women in Love' ALANBATES
Coffee request NOSUGAR
Colorful membrane IRIS
Concerns for those catching connections, for short ETAS
Container of water? DAM
Contend OPINE
Country with a namesake gulf OMAN
Cutting SNARKY
Deux plus deux QUATRE
Docs for dogs VETS
Dropped SANK
Dueler's step PACE
Elementary start GRADEONE
Endeavor to attain SEEK
Enjoys a run SKIS
Fabulous ACES
Farmer Hoggett's prize animal BABE
Ferret's cousin MINK
Fetal ultrasound features HEARTBEATS
Flower holder STEM
Fodder for fantasy football STATS
Follower of Guru Nanak SIKH
Fort lockup STOCKADE
Gala giveaways SWAG
God with a quiver EROS
Google results HITS
Greater than ABOVE
Having a twist IRONIC
He promoted Hippocrates' theory of the humors GALEN
Hindi greeting NAMASTE
In addition ELSE
iPad download APP
It's a start ONSET
Items on many Thanksgiving tables GRAVYBOATS
Kemper of 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' ELLIE
Kid's boo-boo OWIE
Kids in the country GOATS
Kung fu style developed by Chinese monks SHAOLIN
Layout measure PICA
Lead-in to some juicy gossip GETTHIS
Like some poetry SPOKEN
Like the KGB SOV
Clues Answers
Like ultraprecise clocks ATOMIC
Likely long shot NAG
Lipton offering ICETEA
Loyalty program level TIER
Made a mad dash TORE
Malek of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' RAMI
Mammals that practice hemophagia VAMPIREBATS
Many moons ago ONCE
Material named for a French city DENIM
Middle managers? BELTS
Midriff-showing shirt CROPTOP
Minimal margin HAIR
Moniker in Monaco NOM
Moon of Jupiter that may have an ocean under its crust EUROPA
Motionless ATREST
Mount known locally as Mongibello ETNA
Move emotionally STIR
Mr. ___ (Hershey brand) GOODBAR
Museum Mile highlight THEMET
Mythical river of forgetfulness LETHE
Name of several Norwegian kings OLAV
No longer in the outbox SENT
Northwestern city EVANSTON
Observe Yom Kippur, say ATONE
On the rise GROWING
One might be out of stock BEAR
Ornament formerly banned from the Chelsea Flower Show GNOME
Participants in a murder? CROWS
Performance with finger-snapping SLAM
Person who crosses the line SCAB
Pioneering stereo headphone brand KOSS
Popular LGBTQ magazine OUT
Portraitist Leibovitz ANNIE
Post letters? ALPHABITS
Programmer's unit SERIES
Rae who created 'Insecure' ISSA
Ranch dressing? COWBOYBOOTS
Ranking, say SENIOR
Reasons for red cards HEADBUTTS
Refuel, in a way EAT
Renter from a renter SUBTENANT
Rolling stone NOMAD
Rub elbows HOBNOB
Saloon selection BEERS
Set as a goal AIMAT
Shattered INPIECES
Simpson for whom Edward VIII abdicated WALLIS
Smart CHIC
Smokey spotter with a radio, say CBER
Some intimates BRAS
Some web crawlers SEARCHBOTS
Sommer of 'A Shot in the Dark' ELKE
Sound like an ass BRAY
Stress-free state EASE
Supersized screen format IMAX
Surgical tool LASER
Swiss town that hosts the World Economic Forum DAVOS
Teased mercilessly RODE
They take things down STENOS
They're not worth taking SUCKERBETS
Tool with teeth RAKE
Warner ___ BROS
Words with toot or tangent ONA
Zest source LIME
___ mater ALMA