Irish Times (Simplex) - Apr 27 2019

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Clues Answers
1 across have three ANGLES
A 3dn between 90 and 180 degrees OBTUSE
Back of the neck NAPE
Booted out of office OUSTED
Box-shaped musical instrument ACCORDION
City in the heart of Texan oil fields DALLAS
Coarse files RASPS
Colour combinations of black and white GREYS
Container for cooking fish KETTLE
Destroyed completely RUINED
Dishonour, ignominy DISGRACE
Encase the Roman statesman and playwright badly SENECA
Expelled, booted out EJECTED
Find the answer to a puzzle SOLVE
Five-sided polygon PENTAGON
Funeral procession CORTEGE
Clues Answers
Harp used by ancient Greeks LYRE
Harsh order issued by authority DIKTAT
He be no vet, this German composer BEETHOVEN
Idolise, worship REVERE
In or to the rear BEHIND
Leisurely, in music ADAGIO
Loose flowing garment ROBE
Male duck DRAKE
Mountain lake TARN
Punishment for wrongdoing, by religion perhaps PENANCE
Satisfied a thirst SLAKED
Spears with three prongs TRIDENTS
Stone mixture for paths GRAVEL
Sway back and forth, on the brink perhaps TEETER
Three-sided figures TRIANGLES
Tiny parallel grooves left by a glacier on rocks STRIAE
Withdraw, break away SECEDE
Without pity or compassion RUTHLESS