L.A. Times Daily - Apr 26 2019

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Clues Answers
"Fancy" singer, familiarly REBA
"Grab __": "You're pinch-hitting" ABAT
"Hometown Proud" market chain IGA
"The light dawns!" AHA
"Unstoppable" cleaner DRANO
"__ lies ... " HERE
Ad offer Wile E. Coyote really regrets accepting? COMEFLYWITHACME
Bench press target PEC
Benjamin's bill CNOTE
Blow it ERR
Board leader CEO
Brigitte's bridge PONT
Bring up REAR
Brother of Athena ARES
Bus. card letters STE
Cashew family shrub's observation? COGITOERGOSUMAC
Catch, as a cold GET
Common destination for snowbirds: Abbr FLA
Dash meas MPH
Dealer's abbreviation MSRP
Do more lawn work REMOW
Ducks in Eugene OREGON
Egg holder NEST
Fed. workplace watchdog OSHA
First-rate AONE
Genetic letters RNA
German title FRAU
Giant Chicken on "Family Guy" ERNIE
Gross __ TON
Hard to drive on ICY
Historical times ERAS
It might pop up MENU
It's chilly in Chihuahua FRIO
Item on a set PROP
JFK, notably ORATOR
Juárez heater SOL
Land-and-sea military vehicle AMTRAC
Lao-tzu's philosophy TAOISM
Clues Answers
Mapping subject GENOME
Miracle-__ GRO
Mount Rainier gateway TACOMA
Off-color RISQUE
Old MacDonald's bookkeepers? ACCOUNTINGSHEEP
One who did it PERP
Patronize Pizza Hut, say EATOUT
Persian Gulf resident QATARI
Poetic opening ODETO
Quick APT
Reason to raise goblets TOAST
Residents along the Persian Gulf IRANIS
Richly decorated ORNATE
Roadie's armload AMP
Round-the-clock news pioneer CNN
SADD focus DWI
Shakespeare's Athenian hermit TIMON
Signs of spring THAWS
Spanish survey option OTRO
Spelling start? ABRA
Squabble SPAT
Stephen who played Inspector Bucket on "Dickensian" REA
Surfrider Beach city MALIBU
Talk TV's Williams MONTEL
Tall trotter EMU
Tech tutorials site CNET
Title song words before "My love has come along" ATLAST
Tour opening? ECO
Tummy trouble COLIC
Turner on a screen LANA
Twists WARPS
What informants might wear WIRES
What turtles use to keep up outward appearances? TORTOISESHELLAC
Yamaguchi rival ITO
Yoga accessories MATS
You might have to find it in geometry AREA
__ demon SPEED
__ Harker, heroine in Stoker's "Dracula" MINA