Universal - Apr 24 2019

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Clues Answers
"Casual" day: Abbr FRI
"Cheers!" and others TOASTS
"In that event ..." IFSO
"No Exit" playwright SARTRE
"One of ___ days ..." THESE
"Tell me about it!" IKNOW
"Tomb Raider" actress Vikander ALICIA
'50s president IKE
Annually celebrated promotions? CLIONOMINEES
Any of 12 popes PIUS
Attachment TIE
Award for "Green Book" OSCAR
Bay Area baggage code SFO
Bond film with a Duran Duran theme song AVIEWTOAKILL
Broken off OVER
Charge carrier ION
Cheetah markings SPOTS
Chowed down ATE
Closest friends, slangily BESTIES
Competed in a 5-Down SKIED
Creator of Perry and Della ERLE
Crushing literary symbol in 55-Across FIST
Curriculum divisions UNITS
Defended oneself, skunk-style SPRAYED
Delights THRILLS
Diabolical EVIL
Dissertation THESIS
Do a crossword, say SOLVE
Does a critic's job RATES
Event with spirits SEANCE
Fit of pique SNIT
Four-armed Hindu god VISHNU
Fury IRE
Gadget enthusiast TECHIE
Golden Knights' org NHL
Gophers dig it EARTH
Hall rug RUNNER
Hull backbone KEEL
Clues Answers
Like hot fudge GOOEY
Lose altitude DESCEND
Map app relative GPS
Marseille assent OUI
Martial artist Chuck NORRIS
Meeting one's match? ONADATE
Meyers of late-night SETH
Michael once in charge of Mickey EISNER
Native Peruvian INCA
Neighbor of Libya CHAD
Old-time players HIFISTEREOS
Padded footstool HASSOCK
Pessimistic prophecy DOOM
Quest for SEEK
Red Muppet ELMO
Relatives KIN
Repetitive condition, briefly OCD
Roaring literary symbol in 25-Across LION
Scandalous gossip DIRT
Shield-bearing Greek god ARES
Sliced dessert PIE
Solo who said "Chewie, we're home!" HAN
Sturdy literary symbol in 42-Across OAK
Sty or stylus PEN
Supporting PRO
Swamp snapper, for short CROC
Teeming with greenery LUSH
Tempered literary symbol in 16-Across STEEL
Tiny antenna user ANT
Totally supporting ALLFOR
Ukraine's capital KIEV
Williams on MSNBC BRIAN
Winding Winter Olympics event SLALOM
Youth-Dew cosmetician ESTEELAUDER
YouTube button PAUSE
___ Patrick Harris NEIL
___-Caps SNO