The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,215 - Apr 23 2019

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Clues Answers
Agent on vacation was resting up in Black Sea resort YALTA
Convenient means to remove mass from old gable EXPEDIENT
Dogmatic type in record broadcast in support of topless pictures IDEOLOGUE
Don't panic? Irony tops here with UK in mess! KEEPYOURSHIRTON
He has often checked blue pens make the grade SPASSKY
Height of euphoria about English verse ELEVATION
Instrument used to secure trap in fortification LUNETTE
Intriguing group around the old lady artist, grabbing improperly CAMARILLA
March first, he sat tight: late December he's busy FATHERCHRISTMAS
One almost complete after mine becomes inadequate PITIFUL
Pet saying distressed locals in Memphis? EGYPTIANS
Plant a foolish male brought back AMARYLLIS
Pole in American airspace SINUS
Porridge nobody eats, apparently? OATMEAL
Clues Answers
Portly sort reinvented Homer, disheartened Pound ENDOMORPH
Principal accommodated possibly in business launch? STARTUP
Romeo lives with woman in palace -- it's a step up RISER
Sawn-up teak or ultimately sustainable wood source? OAKTREE
Schnittke initially talking about G&S arias SONGS
Secret society in Caribbean island denied new papers TRIAD
Servant keeps donkey in corridor PASSAGE
Son in row over repeated test RESIT
Stopped moving round on being delayed POSTPONED
Story of rook in tree covered in article by press THEASPERNPAPERS
Tempter in legend with Hamlet not represented THEOLDGENTLEMAN
Unpleasant person left love to bleed LOUSE
Violent storm not acceptable in Wagnerian series? CYCLE
Writer James gets run over in bird colony HERONRY