Universal - Apr 23 2019

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Clues Answers
"Morally superior" people PRIGS
"Peer Gynt" composer Edvard GRIEG
"Slammin'" golfer SAMSNEAD
"Thank God it's ___!": Homer Simpson TGIF
"Uncle!" IGIVE
"Winnie ___ Pu" ILLE
"___ and Broomsticks" BEDKNOBS
2011 film set in Brazil RIO
Adopt, as a cause ESPOUSE
Airplane assignment SEAT
Already taken SPOKENFOR
Animal house? ARK
Anise-flavored liqueurs OUZOS
Bears' homes DENS
Beverage-confiscating org TSA
Bible character who lost a rib ADAM
Big bomb trial, briefly NTEST
Biter in a colony REDANT
Bologna "bye" CIAO
Boxer Max or Buddy BAER
Bride's vow IDO
Buffoon OAF
Capital of Austria VIENNA
Carrot relative PARSNIP
Chief exec PREZ
Colorful, chewy candies DOTS
Control+Z command UNDO
Corn bread PONE
Dam production ENERGY
Designer Gucci ALDO
Discombobulated INAFOG
Docs who get "ahs" ENTS
Dressed like many Dickens urchins INRAGS
Flips (through) LEAFS
Fortysomething's woe, or this puzzle's theme (see letters 7, 8 and 9) MIDDLEAGESPREAD
Gangster's gun GAT
Genetic letters RNA
Clues Answers
Going nowhere IDLING
Handshake precursor, perhaps VERBALAGREEMENT
Healing sign SCAB
Jason's ship ARGO
Length x width, perhaps AREA
Lenovo ThinkPads, e.g PCS
Like elves' ears POINTY
Like many Quaker cereals OATEN
Make a knight DUB
Marco of note POLO
Mongolian invader TATAR
Movie trailer segment CLIP
Mystical mark RUNE
Nearby CLOSE
One shunning pesticides ORGANICGARDENER
Opposed to, to Huck AGIN
Orchid wreath LEI
Personal picks, in slang FAVES
Portable beds COTS
Practical VIABLE
Prefix with "second" NANO
President between Tyler and Taylor POLK
Rolls out the lawn SODS
Safari destination SITE
Shag or sheepskin RUG
Smelling terrible FETID
Some smartphones LGS
Spice applications RUBS
Spills the beans BLABS
Tank tops expose them ARMS
The year 1151 MCLI
Trails PATHS
Union label? MADEINUSA
Virtual city dwellers SIMS
Where to see "20/20" ABCTV
___ Men ("Who Let the Dogs Out?" group) BAHA