The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 27,802 - Apr 23 2019

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Clues Answers
... collecting 'orrid skinless English fruit CHERRIES
... on releasing 500 others ROBINS
... plays dangerous CD, so drops an E, perhaps DANCEDRUG
Advanced new colloids, they work wonders ANGELS
After raising internal temperature, warders become animals SHREWS
Being around 6 + 10 + 100 dividing 7 evenly? EXISTENCE
Colour of letter turned down ETONBLUE
Could luxury tops help society's snobs? CLASSISTS
Crockery a setter used right away TEASET
Display unit of wine and spirits REDDEVILS
Doubly hard to leave diabolical island ELLIS
Drink in a twentieth of a minute? TRIPLESEC
First to last rock band WINGS
Generous party member ... LIBERAL
Good girls excited to hug male travellers PILGRIMS
Clues Answers
Guess all exotic birds ... SEAGULLS
Iconic cricket commentator supports a large number of stickers DAGGERS
It's smoked after playing the Ashes without test opener SHEESHA
Mum's upset to wear medical support when roughing it SLUMMING
Old official always rises outside, close to sunrise REEVE
Perhaps flies home etc recklessly within seconds INSECTS
Posh, posh car breaks exhaust, losing power — Queen to give up SURRENDER
Puny people like seafood SHRIMPS
Rule over Sweden then quit RESIGN
Social workers said to have outstanding knees? BEES
Special amount of money docked for incentives SPURS
Staggers around Britain to find revolutionaries ... REBELS
They fire doctor, ensuring I go GUNNERS
They make seats for small snakes to carry 6 down SADDLERS
Young men take pounds over promotion LADS