- Apr 22 2019

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Clues Answers
''. . . man __ mouse?'' ORA
''That makes sense now'' ISEE
Ace of hearts, for one CARD
Appear suddenly POPUP
Appears to be SEEMS
Baking appliances OVENS
Banish EXILE
Barrier needing a key to open LOCKEDDOOR
Barrier outside a hot nightclub VELVETROPE
Bird that quacks DUCK
Buddies PALS
Ceases ENDS
Cleveland's state OHIO
Coin in France EURO
Contacts by telephone CALLS
Cops' yellow-tape barrier POLICELINE
Cousins of crocs GATORS
Curds and __ (Muffet meal) WHEY
Defeat decisively ROUT
Dream up, as a plan DEVISE
Fitzgerald of jazz ELLA
Full collections SETS
Game on horseback POLO
Grain-storing tower SILO
Hawaiian feast LUAU
Herb in stuffing THYME
Heroic tale EPIC
Home for baby birds NEST
Indy 500 drivers RACERS
Lambs' mothers EWES
Lessen, as the tide RECEDE
Lessen, as the tide ABATE
Line on a list ITEM
Milky-colored gem OPAL
Muscular strength SINEW
Mystical glow AURA
Narrow shelf LEDGE
Newspaper essays, for short OPEDS
Observed closely EYED
Clues Answers
Odor-sensing organ NOSE
Offended HURT
Opera solo ARIA
Orator's talk SPEECH
Outer boundary EDGE
Overused saying CLICHE
Part of the eye IRIS
Person who's solitary LONER
Powdered from neglect DUSTY
Promote heavily, informally HYPE
Quaker State college, for short PENN
Reach across, as a bridge SPAN
Real estate brokers AGENTS
Regretting RUING
Require NEED
Rock-concert sound boosters AMPS
Runway vehicle PLANE
Salary increase RAISE
School test EXAM
Shielded from sunlight SHADY
Shout out CRY
Show the way LEAD
Sketched DREW
Small rock STONE
Smartphone download APP
Sports cable channel ESPN
Stitch again RESEW
Sundown's direction WEST
Take a risk DARE
Threesome TRIO
Traditional Indian dwelling TEPEE
Twinkly, as night skies STARRY
Unknown author: Abbr ANON
Walk down memory __ LANE
Water barrier around an old palace CASTLEMOAT
Wonderland girl ALICE
Woodwind instrument OBOE
__ and aahed OOHED
__ around (loiter) HANG