The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,024 - Apr 13 2019

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Clues Answers
A condiment more 'runny' -- good word! RECOMMENDATION
Amid first set, Edberg, going head over heels, can't stand DETEST
Apparently forces to be located in Middle Eastern area swamps ENGULFS
Bans unfashionable boys in blue Sierra OUTLAWS
Blessed drips from the ministry BAPTISMS
Boy used up scented stuff around girl, getting half-cut and sentimental NOSTALGIC
Copying letter from Greece will limit delay occurring PLAGIARISING
Country person wasting no time in conversation? RUSSIA
Did sketch in which party facing both ways governed DOODLED
Dish out a dose of own medicine in Whitehaven General? AVENGE
Drawn, having temperature, looking rough with no resistance TUGGED
Drinks stout ROUND
Drop that's put under the microscope SLIDE
Flash Seventies rock style involving energy GLEAM
Clues Answers
Group of motorists keeping small lead in the main ASARULE
I spill mystical liquid in a shallow way SIMPLISTICALLY
In haste, parking to enter in scruffy style SPEEDILY
Later family member finds insect beside sink DESCENDANT
Likelihood one in ounces could be seen as this? ODDS
List in menu revamped before the Queen dined ENUMERATE
Log jam six feet under part of canal DEADLOCK
Not rocket science, returning post-ready envelope with address unknown EASY
Passing in van, sharing time with politician TRANSITORY
Person responsible for notes in tango decided to interrupt final section TREASURER
Problem children ISSUE
Ready for romance, very modern UPTODATE
Tar perhaps filling in this clearing ABSOLVING
Tremendous macaroni -- lots to be used ASTRONOMICAL