Universal - Apr 20 2019

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Clues Answers
"60 Minutes" sound TICK
"And so on" letters ETC
"But you said ..." retort ILIED
"Caps" or "Cat" lead-in SNO
"Riverdale" protagonist ARCHIE
"Sideways" star PAULGIAMATTI
"That's ___" ("My bad") ONME
"Twelve plus one" anagrams to "eleven plus two," e.g FACT
*2010 Supreme Court nominee (AK + MI) KAGAN
*Beatles' meter maid (MO + MN) RITA
*Craze (AL + VA) MANIA
*Fatuous (NC + ME) INANE
*Hard to please (MS + KY) PICKY
*Parlor pics (ND + MA) TATS
*Rocket's touchdown (MD + WY) LANDING
2015 movie about a blacklisted screenwriter TRUMBO
Abound TEEM
Bear-like URSINE
Bering, for one STRAIT
Bon ___ AMI
Brain diagnostic (DETACH anagram) HEADCT
Cheeky talk SASS
City where the shrew was tamed PADUA
Come (from) DERIVE
Competitive sort TYPEA
Couple of cups PINT
Crack pilot ACE
Does a double take? REFILMS
Dog or goldfish PET
Dog-dog connector EAT
Dorm monitors: Abbr RAS
Dyson competitor ORECK
Electric shaver maker BRAUN
Fine fellow GENT
Get ___ (exact revenge) EVEN
Ginormous BIG
Clues Answers
Habitual no-shows TRUANTS
HPs, e.g PCS
Kind of equality MLK envisioned RACIAL
Kona tuna AHI
Kuwaiti ruler EMIR
Large-screen Apple IMAC
Largest country until late '91 USSR
Like a gallery crowd ARTY
Low-quality newspaper RAG
Maintained, as a diary KEPT
Margarita option NOSALT
Mary-Kate and Ashley OLSENS
Military address SIR
Most common English word THE
Neighbors of Afghanis IRANIS
One-track MONO
Patch type IRONON
Piercing tools AWLS
Rock layers STRATA
Running shoe brand AVIA
See 66-Across RIGHTS
Slumber party wear, informally PJS
Snare's deep cousin BASSDRUM
Supergirl's first name KARA
Trio + quintet OCTET
War journalist, at times EMBED
Well-worn way BEATENPATH
Where to find singles at a bar? TIPJAR
With 69-Across, Tenth Amendment topic ... or what the starred answers literally consist of? STATES
Word before "again" YET
Word repeated before "again" TRY
Words after a painful lesson LIVEANDLEARN
Zilch NADA
___ Jima IWO
___-12 Conference PAC
___-free diet GLUTEN