- Apr 20 2019

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Clues Answers
''Assemblée Nationale'' complement SENAT
''Water pill' brand DIURIL
''__ America'': Muhammad Ali IAM
Advice before a big day RESTUP
Art that can fluoresce UVTATTOO
Artist associated with Mao and Marilyn ANDY
Awaits business ISIN
Beowulfian EPIC
Caddies clean them GRIPS
Carpenter's chalk on a string SNAPLINE
Cat once called a ''stubbin'' MANX
Chow line creator PURINA
Common bank deposit TYPEO
Company behind a rise in foot traffic OTIS
Contagious feeling, like yawning ITCH
Criminalizes BANS
Cyber-show-and-tell UNBOXINGVIDEO
Dotcom based near O'Hare ORBITZ stat-column heading PTS
Evil implication INNUENDO
Fast-service promise NEXTDAY
Floorboard securer BRAD
Frequency in 2 Kings THRICE
Friday afternoon prayer leader IMAM
Gershwin Prize recipient after Sir Paul BURT
Half of the Moon NEARSIDE
Heartless hulk OGRE
How you view something STANCE
Iberian Ludwig LUIS
ID sold by AgriLabs EARTAG
Less-than-broad way PASS
Mash-up FUSION
Microfiber material ULTRASUEDE
Mosquito chaser BAT
Much two-way radio talk TENCODES
Clues Answers
Name atop the FBI headquarters entrance EDGAR
Natural Choice Ham's lack NITRATES
Outgoing to a fault TREMOR
Personal support group TOES
Phishing, for instance ECRIME
Pretzel __ RODS
River that sounds remote STYX
Rolls Royce Ghost, e.g GASGUZZLER
Rotational motion transmitter COG
Route between continents STRAIT
School near the Cotton Bowl SMU
Science 101 slide specimens ONIONS
Seattle's fine mess ASH
Self-denial period LENT
Slippery-when-wet stuff BARSOAP
Smart TV necessity USBPORT
Sounded like a train RUMBLED
Source of diamond heat FASTBALLER
Spray-can sound SSS
Training Mission-Iraq medal awarder NATO
Treat ''served'' by Elvis, Gandalf, Glinda, etc., etc PEZ
Union representative STATE
Volleyball ''quarterback'' SETTER
Wager PUT
Way out VENT
What the iris is part of UVEA
What to count on SURETHINGS
Whom George I succeeded ANNE
Whom many dorms are named for ALUMNI
Winning edge, perhaps TEAMSPIRIT
Word from the Latin for ''it lacks'' CARET
Work signed on Mary's sash PIETA
Yesterday, today, tomorrow . . ATSOMETIME
__ alert SMOG
__ omelet (meal for the very hungry) EMU