- Apr 19 2019

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Clues Answers
''Aid car'' VIP EMT
''Carmina Burana'' composer ORFF
''So there you are!'' OHO
1 Across product PIC
2.5 miles at Indy LAP
Afrikaner ancestor BOER
Carnival city RIO
Certain show horse ARAB
Choice words ANYOF
Come together nicely MESH
Common Chinese restaurant offering FREEBIETEA
Contingencies IFS
Crescent border ARC
Device in some drones CAM
Disney World transport TRAM
Don't care for DISLIKE
Epoch AGE
Falling-out RIFT
Film promo CLIP
Fix in time DATE
Foot holder STIRRUP
Formal dances BALLS
Former SAT question type ANALOGY
Friars Club officials ABBOTS
Gas in natural gas ETHANE
Go on and on GAB
God who sounds subdued LOKI
Ground breaker HOER
Habitat for some ducks INATUB
Haitian priestly potation VOODOOBREW
Hand holder MANACLE
He pours at tiki bars MAITAIGUY
He's AWOL at the altar NOSHOWBEAU
Highway menace ROADHOG
Hold 'em haul POT
Home style CAPECOD
Clues Answers
Honor for some hosts EMMY
Immerse BATHE
It's due south of Albuquerque ELPASO
John Hancock, for short SIG
Jumps in a pool, say GETSWET
Life of the party RIOT
Merest shred IOTA
NASA mission of May '69 APOLLOX
Needles, knives, etc SHARPS
Not defying description EFFABLE
Not to exceed ATMOST
One gawking OGLER
Operate USE
Pad jottings MEMO
Particularly impressive EPIC
Pat or tap DAB
Peak of activity WAVE
Pentagon grp DOD
PO delivery LTR
Predisposition BIAS
Product shipped to Mars DYE
Quartet often near RSVP BYOB
Receive __ (pass easily) ANA
Route through Richmond USONE
S&P analyst's stat PERATIO
Self-controlled SOBER
Sheen's ''West Wing'' successor SMITS
Shoe leathers SUEDES
Sleazy short-term loaners' clients PAYDAYPREY
Small water bird COOT
Spring dance prop MAYPOLE
Substitute, briefly ALT
The works ALL
Turkish inns IMARETS
Unoriginal APISH
Unsettle DISTURB
Wishful sentiment IHOPESO