Universal - Apr 18 2019

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Clues Answers
"A likely story!" IBET
"And hurry!" acronym ASAP
"Hoo" lead-in YOO
"Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina" autobiographer MISTYCOPELAND
"Rules ___ rules" ARE
"The Princess and the Frog" princess TIANA
"Understood" ISEE
"___ fair in love and war" ALLS
"___ luck!" LOTSA
"___ No Sunshine" AINT
10-Across sibling SIS
46-Across sibling BRO
Alarmist's activity CRYINGWOLF
Appetizer holder PLATE
Athlete's peak performance AGAME
Atkins dieter's bane, briefly CARB
Beer dispensers TAPS
Chew concertedly GNAW
Christmas being ELF
Cigna competitor AETNA
Cousins' mothers AUNTS
Dragon's assassin SLAYER
Easy as falling off ___ ALOG
Evil demon GHOUL
Fairy tale's second word, often UPON
Fe, in chemistry IRON
Find tiny faults NITPICK
Fled RAN
Forest-toned pattern, informally CAMO
Greek T TAU
Greenish-blue hue TEAL
Hairpiece with a lace closure, perhaps WIG
Heavy horns TUBAS
His and hers THEIR
Hits, as a mosquito SWATS
Holstein's sound MOO
Home, in Jalisco CASA
Hot-air conveyance BALLOON
Clues Answers
Its leaves reach to the ground WEEPINGWILLOW
Jog alternative POWERWALK
Like well-exercised muscles TONED
Long swimmers EELS
Long, long stretch EON
Make a decision OPT
Map book ATLAS
Most senior OLDEST
NBC sketch show SNL
Non-plus? MINUS
Oregon's capital SALEM
Pencil end ERASER
Persian is its official language IRAN
Pinocchio protrusion NOSE
Pitch reader EDITOR
Place for a food court MALL
Precious stones GEMS
President after Ike JFK
Reel go-with ROD
Sandwich in a tortilla WRAP
School near Boston TUFTS
Separated APART
Shower honoree BRIDETOBE
Spell-casting stick WAND
Swamp snapper, for short CROC
Takes from stage to screen, say ADAPTS
Taking to task BAWLINGOUT
The planets or a spider's legs OCTET
Tibet's place ASIA
Unfreeze THAW
Wall or Beale STREET
Was aware of KNEW
Wetland plants REEDS
Wine remnants DREGS
Wonderland explorer ALICE
___ Mahal TAJ
___/her/hers SHE