The Sun - Two Speed - Apr 18 2019

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Clues Answers
Aromatic herb THYME
Band of Jagger, Richards etc. (informal) the stones
Bill in agreement losing penny ACT
Bring under control HARNESS
Cake Alice served: last piece for Hatter ECLAIR
Catty remarks and love in converted stables MEOWS
Corrupt eastern firm EARNEST
Criminal male with red and green stone EMERALD
Dense locust group SWARM
Diplomatic residence EMBASSY
Erasmus could become therapist MASSEUR
Except if UNLESS
Expert had kept initially away ADEPT
Exploit quality of rocks but not diamonds? HARNESS
Famous Sylvester Stallone franchise RAMBO
Filled pastry ECLAIR
Garden bug APHID
Garment, mostly blue, soon ruined BLOUSON
Grass-like plant SEDGE
Guy from a northern shore MAN
Homo sapiens MAN
If not in France one lower UNLESS
Irregularity ANOMALY
It's me changing circumstances TIMES
Jane ---, Regency novelist AUSTEN
Letter puzzle ANAGRAM
Clues Answers
Lived and died, left in rain DWELT
Loamy ground beyond an exceptional thing? ANOMALY
Loose-fitting jacket BLOUSON
Love new song being broadcast on air
Maybe fidgets about ship's mission EMBASSY
Measures the duration TIMES
Men's pants y-fronts
Muscle manipulator MASSEUR
Obligatory INCUMBENT
Parasite gets help outside pub APHID
Performance ACT
Plant requires small border SEDGE
Resided DWELT
Rock group playing honest set the stones
Rudely unseat author AUSTEN
Section in bizarre pies poem EPISODE
Shelter found after old lover gives amount EXTENT
Size or scale EXTENT
Sly character Bob Marley entertains in comeback? RAMBO
Society caring for insect population SWARM
Sounds cats make MEOWS
TV studio sign on air
Unusually frosty north: underwear needed y-fronts
Used to season among swarthy men THYME
Very proficient ADEPT
We hear earnings illegal for official INCUMBENT
What makes Shakespeare seek a seraph? ANAGRAM