L.A. Times Daily - Apr 17 2019

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Clues Answers
"I should add ... " ALSO
"Slow down!" EASY
"That hurt!" cries OWS
10% donation TITHE
2002 Spielberg film ... and a hint to the start of 17-, 26- and 48-Across CATCHMEIFYOUCAN
Another name for hopscotch POTSY
Be a second-stringer RIDETHEBENCH
Beauxbatons Academy coat of arms symbol, in Harry Potter WAND
Bit of a tail flip WAG
Boxer Spinks LEON
Brought into being BORN
Bygone sunscreen ingredient PABA
Carson predecessor PAAR
Chatter YAK
Close buds BROS
Cry weakly MEWL
Cuatro times dos OCHO
Curly-tailed guard dog AKITA
Dadaist Max ERNST
Dizzying pictures OPART
Drops off EBBS
Easter beginning? NOR
Engine need OIL
Eucharist plates PATENS
Fastening gadget STAPLER
Fried side with a po'boy OKRA
Glittery bit on a dress SPANGLE
Go on foot HOOFIT
Go very slowly INCH
Golden years group AARP
Hand-on-the-Bible promise OATH
Hops-drying oven OAST
Inexperienced, as a recruit RAW
Intl. oil group OPEC
Leave dumbstruck AWE
Lecherous looks LEERS
Legato's opposite, in mus STAC
Like Tommy, in the rock opera DEAF
Clues Answers
Little scurriers ANTS
Naysayer ANTI
Object of a mil. search AWOL
On the double APACE
One taking advantage of privilege ABUSER
Orangy-yellow OCHER
Organization chart level TIER
Paintings on wet plaster FRESCOS
Part with a gesture WAVEFAREWELL
Phased-out Apple messaging tool ICHAT
Places for patches RIPS
Protestant denom EPISC
Rd. efficiency stat MPG
Red Sox star Big __ PAPI
Red __ ALERT
Rio Grande tributary PECOS
Rule during homework time, perhaps NOTV
Salad green LETTUCE
Seal predator ORCA
See 27-Down VERA
Siesta hrs AFTS
Snake, periodically MOLTER
Spanish hors d'oeuvre TAPA
State bordering Bavaria HESSE
Steady guy BEAU
Swell up BLOAT
Tablecloth material LACE
Takes in SEES
Toyota compact COROLLA
Traveler's rest INN
Uber info ETA
Vane spinner GUST
Vanilla containers PODS
Wedding invite request RSVP
Wedding vow word WORSE
West Coast salmon COHO
With 28-Down, hand lotion ingredient ALOE
Word with road or side TRIP
Yoga aftereffect, perhaps ACHE