L.A. Times Daily - Apr 15 2019

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Clues Answers
"Beowulf," poem-wise EPIC
"Do __ others ... " UNTO
"Dream on!" ASIF
"Go back" PC command UNDO
"Moonstruck" star CHER
"The Deer Hunter" war zone, for short NAM
Act with excessive passion EMOTE
Allied gp. since 1948 OAS
Alphabetically first of two Hawaiian maunas KEA
Amo, amas, __ AMAT
Ancient mariner's fear SEASERPENT
Antipollution org EPA
Arctic seabird SKUA
Artistic Chinese dynasty MING
Baghdad's land IRAQ
Bard's "before" ERE
Buffy the Vampire Slayer's "Watcher" __ Giles RUPERT
Burns a bit CHARS
Catches sight of ESPIES
Chain reaction requirement CRITICALMASS
Chanteuse Edith PIAF
Close-knit group CADRE
Cuts off LOPS
Dangerous snakes ASPS
Dash in a spice rack? MRS
Didn't dillydally SPED
Easily deceived NAIVE
Egg-shaped OVAL
Fairway club IRON
Flexible mineral sheet MICA
Fossil resins AMBERS
Gobs of LOTSA
Gp. getting many returns in April IRS
Hit, as a fly SWATTED
Judge, e.g HEARER
Justice Kagan ELENA
Clues Answers
Kenya's major port MOMBASA
Legendary fabulist AESOP
Like faces at a fireworks display UPTURNED
Like some coll. courses REQD
Like Wrigley Field's walls IVIED
Llama relative ALPACA
Main course ENTREE
Make-do amount? LESS
Malicious rumors CANARDS
Markdown event SALE
Meditation goal hinted at by this puzzle's circles INNERPEACE
Member of a strict Jewish sect HASID
Mother-of-pearl NACRE
Nation that promotes its people's economic and social prosperity WELFARESTATE
Ohio's Great Lake ERIE
Persuade with flattery SOFTSOAP
Pound sounds ARFS
Preserve using barrels, as wine STOREIN
Quaint stopover INN
Quarrel DUSTUP
Regular's bar order, with "the" USUAL
Reject as false DENY
Rubs the wrong way? ABRADES
Six-line stanzas SESTETS
Sortable information source DATABASE
Stagecoach puller HORSE
Supply-and-demand subj ECON
The Big Apple, in addresses NYNY
Towered over DWARFED
Two-tone cookie OREO
Wander ROVE
Water or wine vessel GLASS
Weapon in Clue ROPE
Whole-grain food WILDRICE
__ a one: none NARY
__ moss PEAT