The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 27325

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Clues Answers
A milkman doing trips for beasts in general animal kingdom
A nice long novel can be relaxing CONGENIAL
Also spotted singer keeping book cleaner TOOTHBRUSH
Completed a couple of lines on average OVERALL
Confident when taken to court about source of revenue ASSURED
Dispatched two varieties of diamonds ICED
Emperor backs a follower of another one RASTA
Fail to criticise a suggestion about power DISAPPOINT
Finger problem exhibited by party pooper TYPO
Flap over Dorothy lifted to-do
Fortress initially constructed with ornate detail CITADEL
Frank often replaces these collector's items postage stamps
Frugal, like soccer team having had to spend pounds ASCETIC
Having no base in Paris he meets soldier in pub ILLOGICAL
Clues Answers
Living area accommodating French art gallery housing estate
Miss school drama article placed for son in trust play truant
Observed transporting nine tons in square SIXTEEN
One who regrets imprisoning Liberal head of state? RULER
Original shots, say, drunk by locals NEGATIVES
Real sociable type's a help for builder concrete mixer
Reserves place for supplier of ham that's appetising TASTY
Running races after rocket: that’s guts! VISCERA
Someone in acre with capital? ISRAELI
Stimulate boxer to eat large starter spark plug
Stockpile a lot of documents head of army sent in AMASS
Take weight off Green politician in bandage DECOMPRESS
Turning, smack annoying flier GNAT
Union rules schools introducing new uniform PRENUPS