New York Times - Apr 15 2019

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Clues Answers
'Boy, do I ___ drink!' NEEDA
'But I heard him exclaim, ___ he drove out of sight ...' ERE
'Didn't I tell you?' SEE
'If memory serves ...' ASIRECALL
'Norma ___' (1979 film) RAE
Actor Greg of 'Little Miss Sunshine' KINNEAR
Actor Guinness ALEC
Airline whose name is a Greek letter DELTA
Awed reaction OOH
Back-to-school mo SEP
Behind in payments, after 'in' ARREARS
Big outdoor gear retailer REI
Black gemstone ONYX
Blues and rock, for two GENRES
Bring into the company HIRE
Bulletin board fastener TACK
Byelorussia, e.g.: Abbr SSR
Certain Wall St. acquisition, for short LBO
Coke or 7Up SODA
Court great Andre AGASSI
CPR sites ERS
Cumberland ___ GAP
Did intentionally MEANTTO
Evergreens with fragrant wood CEDARS
Evil spell HEX
Filming device, for short CAM
Firm, as pasta ALDENTE
First-___ (best) RATE
Fully illustrated, as a novel GRAPHIC
German article EINE
Greek goddess of the hunt ARTEMIS
Green: Prefix ECO
Gun advocacy grp NRA
Gun, as an engine REV
Holding hands or kissing on the street, for short PDA
Hole for a lace EYELET
Hosp. V.I.P.s DRS
Iran-___ (1980s scandal) CONTRA
Clues Answers
It flows from the Himalayas to the Bay of Bengal GANGESRIVER
Italian red wine CHIANTI
Loaf that might have seeds RYE
Men's Health or Women's Health, for short MAG
Mex. title that's an anagram of 58-Down SRTA
Mined rocks ORE
Nada ZIP
Nothing's opposite ALL
O. Henry's 'The Gift of the ___' MAGI
Old Concordes, in brief SSTS
Old Russian title that's an anagram of 57-Down TSAR
Paving goo TAR
PBS-funding org NEA
Piece of sports equipment with strings TENNISRACKET
Place to pin a pink ribbon LAPEL
Presidents and prime ministers LEADERS
Prop you might drop MIC
QB miscue: Abbr INT
Reached the golf course standard SHOTPAR
Reference point during a piano lesson MIDDLEC
Relative of a rabbit HARE
Relaxation EASE
Revised, as copy EDITED
Rob who directed 'The Princess Bride' REINER
Savings for the golden years, for short IRA
Schoolroom assignment DESK
Senior party? AARP
Serve that nicks the net LET
Sick ILL
Singer Flack with the 1973 hit 'Killing Me Softly With His Song' ROBERTA
Stick in the microwave ZAP
Sticks (to) ADHERES
Summer zodiac sign LEO
Tax org. undergoing some 'reform' in this puzzle's circled squares IRS
Use mouthwash GARGLE
Where heads of the Pacific are found? EASTERISLAND
Work of Shakespeare PLAY
Worker with a trowel MASON
Years that one has lived AGE