The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 27,795 - Apr 14 2019

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Clues Answers
Allude to touring Idaho for cow INTIMIDATE
Article's about first believers THEISTS
Briefly prince and his queen play around PHILANDER
Calm, having had drinks in A&E ATEASE
Canteen stew MESS
Criticise a society involved in corruption ROAST
Dodgy dealers land in war zone DARDANELLES
Duly ends assembly without warning SUDDENLY
Facility to see above one's head READINESS
Fast runner in dash to end of road ELAND
Firm adopting advertising is showing incredulity SURPRISE
Force hospital into consortium THRUST
Fugitive union member has internal operation ELOPEMENT
Graphic artist uses wire and string SIGNWRITER
Hit the roof, as Adam did RAISECAIN
Clues Answers
Irish leader twice gets the bird IBIS
Letter on top of desk is prominent NOTED
Mass meeting about drug? Indeed! REALLY
Ned resents contrived affection TENDERNESS
Notice director is with nuclear researchers DISCERN
Oedipus's daughter is against Greek individual ANTIGONE
Priest introduced to smoother amphibian SALAMANDER
Pundit initially put down performance PLAY
Rent regularly taken in Yorkshire city RIPON
Reticent prisoner pushed to the limit CONSTRAINED
Soldier sits or lies down REPOSES
Soldier to slip up in bank TERRIER
Stress keeping identification in disaster ACCIDENT
Tedious study of poet DRYDEN
Tight-fisted? Not far off! NEAR