New York Times - Apr 12 2019

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Clues Answers
'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' co-star MIASARA
'Forgive the question ...' IHATETOASK
'Haste makes waste,' e.g MAXIM
'Hello-o-o-o!' YOOHOO
'I'm in awe' OOH
'Not one ___!' IOTA
'Send My Love' singer, 2016 ADELE
'Sweet' locale in T. S. Eliot's 'The Waste Land' THAMES
19th-century author whose works are still read word for word ROGET
2016 prequel that earned more than a billion dollars at the box office ROGUEONE
Adjust to, as on a thermostat SETAT
Aesop's 'The ___ and the Grasshopper' ANT
Agcy. headed by a deputy asst. secretary of labor OSHA
Bad record RAPSHEET
Barely communicate? SEXT
Classic book that begins 'At the far end of town where the Grickle-grass grows ...' THELORAX
Colorful parrot MACAW
Composition of Indonésie ILES
Cousin of 'Gosh darn it!' SONOFA
Elect OPT
Email line FROM
Ending with many fruit names ADE
Establishing BASING
Exhibition highlight SHOWPIECE
Forever, seemingly EON
Fried chicken option EXTRACRISPY
Fruity liqueur CURACAO
German route BAHN
Hangs onto something OBSESSES
Invitation qualification BYO
Jalapeño, after smoking CHIPOTLE
Lawrence of Arabia portrayer OTOOLE
Led a parade, musically FIFED
Clues Answers
Like Art Nouveau ORNATE
Like Bugles snacks CONIC
Looping symbols of life ANKHS
Major vessel AORTA
Many honeymoon locales RESORTS
One with hairy legs TARANTULA
Openly lament WEEP
Outlines SCHEMAS
Part of a blended family STEPMOM
Piece played in a conservatory ETUDE
Pirated, in a way BOOTLEG
Pro caregivers, for short RNS
Rafael Nadal's home, in Olympics shorthand ESP
Reasons to say 'I'm sorry' SINS
Rebellion leader of 1786 SHAYS
Rick's wife on 'The Walking Dead' LORI
Santa ___ (some winds) ANAS
Show that won the Outstanding Drama Emmy for each of its first four seasons MADMEN
Sight on an Alaskan cruise ORCA
Site of the 2022 World Cup DOHA
Small peninsula SPIT
Soccer superstar Lionel MESSI
Some bottom-dwellers EELS
Splits GOES
Starbucks competitor MCCAFE
Start of many Southwest place names LAS
They're loaded with cash ATMS
Thirst YEN
Title character not requiring an actor GODOT
Transform MORPH
Upper-crust sorts, stereotypically WASPS
Utterly, in modern slang TOTES
Wayne of soccer fame ROONEY
Worshiper with an inverted pentagram, maybe SATANIST
___-chic BOHO