The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,022 - Apr 11 2019

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Clues Answers
Attractive Democrat attractive to voters? DELECTABLE
Awkwardly sat in bow clutching a sailor BOATSWAIN
Bless strange ancestor buried in church CONSECRATE
China's overlaid with old gems OPALS
Clumsy in record time INEPT
Concur and get on without hollow remorse AGREE
Copper's upset over rogue receiving zero help SUCCOUR
Dancing nudes once about right for adults? UNCENSORED
Disobey accepting a large after-effect FALLOUT
Empty samovar to hold endless drink one guzzles SCOFFER
Engine burnt out absorbing current energy TURBINE
Fruit tart having spread inside CURRANT
Go in for captivating single cold temptress? ENTICER
Group with ordinary instrument CELLO
Initially circle round East Timor encircling island CRETE
It's inspiring swimming round reef occasionally BREATHING
Clues Answers
Leader of Tories ready for nonsense TRIPE
Lifeless old man embraces sweetheart DEAD
Main pressure contains opening of main sewer SEAMSTRESS
Metal test periodically corrodes EATS
Old canine barking on time ANCIENT
Refuse work from cleric after massage RUBBISH
Reportedly so poorly SICK
Rot seen in European trees EYEWASH
Rowdy rugby supporter going outside if promoted RUFFIAN
Scent of pine outgrowth around trunk COLOGNE
Share everything outrageous describing blokes ALLOTMENT
Start of Stones' 'Stony' track SPOOR
Sycophant is more prostrate before Queen FLATTERER
They fix tiles eventually on board SLATERS
This compiler's mature figure IMAGE
World is circumnavigated snatching record DISC