The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 27,791 - Apr 10 2019

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Clues Answers
... when involved in ground-breaking match SEMIFINAL
Artistes will have performed here a long time back ARENA
Becomes tearful, as long-haul driver often does FILLSUP
Brightly coloured small mini-vehicle? SCARLET
Business magnate upset rural gods LORDSUGAR
Bygone period about which monarch appears too keen OVEREAGER
Co-ordinated discharge of colossal volume SALVO
Costing the earth? Far from it DIRTCHEAP
Democracy one's not found in island nation INDIA
Escaper does it to strike pose BEATSIT
Flighty carrot-top pests that'll draw the crowds SPECTATOR
Flyers grounded during downpour, he assumed RHEAS
Footwear on black market? BOOTLEG
German, who drew back when cycling ERNST
Hamlet's best friend? GREATDANE
Hugo's character originally set in stone, with a touch of arrogance ESMERALDA
Clues Answers
Inadequate squad with invading force UNFIT
Large quantity of water taken by female shaving FLAKE
Meteor crashes on line — it'll take the pressure BAROMETER
Picky journalist keen to appear in film PEDAGOGIC
Picture barrister in Parisian bar BRIEF
Present judge and jury finally go off PUTREFY
Priest in training ultimately ignored church law ORDINANCE
Primates show disapproval of entering bars BABOONS
Put a name to American river, longest in country TAGUS
Remedial treatment from clergy, as purist goes off the rails ... PLASTIC
See 11 SPORT
Smallest article breaks in case LEAST
Tips of feather spanning bird's bone FEMUR
What snooker player does when past his best? GOESTOPOT