Universal - Apr 9 2019

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Clues Answers
"Git outta here!" SCAT
"Grey's Anatomy" network ABC
"That'll show 'em!" HEH
"Well said!" AMEN
A stick shift changes them GEARS
Already dating someone TAKEN
Ballerina's bend PLIE
Barely managed, with "out" EKED
Big book TOME
Bookcase place DEN
By way of VIA
Cabbage purchase HEAD
Channel guide MENU
Coming into existence NASCENT
Completing a tightrope walk, e.g FEAT
Coping and circular tools SAWS
Deep chasm ABYSS
Did a blackjack task DEALT
Did track RAN
Eager with excitement AGOG
eBay events AUCTIONS
Eins und zwei DREI
Environment MILIEU
Every one EACH
Find fault with GROUSEABOUT
Flaky guest NOSHOW
Good with tools, say HANDY
Gulf War missile SCUD
Its apostrophe replaces a "u" LETS
Lbs., metric-style KGS
Like malls on Black Friday HECTIC
Liter or meter UNIT
Loose-fitting BAGGY
Madeline of "Paper Moon" KAHN
Map on a map INSET
Mil. address APO
Misdate? CHEAT
Clues Answers
Mr. T's squad ATEAM
Northern California volcano SHASTA
Office gender issue EQUALPAY
Often-wooden wall panel WAINSCOT
One with serious skills EXPERT
Oregon Trail vehicles WAGONS
Paleo diet, for one FAD
Physicist Newton ISAAC
Point a finger at ACCUSE
Rear end TUSH
Secret schemers CABAL
Skinny Oreos THINS
Slow cooker CROCKPOT
Some have sauce stains APRONS
Spiritual remedy provider HEALER
Spring or fall SEASON
Star student's pride AAVERAGE
Take, as medicine SWALLOWDOWN
Thin pretzel rods, on packaging STIX
Tiny Tom THUMB
Topple UPEND
Trans icon Richards RENEE
Trekkie's language KLINGON
Two people may fold one BEDSHEET
Underwater forest filler KELP
Use as a hiding place DUCKBEHIND
Verdi opera with Iago OTELLO
Video chat need WEBCAM
Water color AQUA
Whale-watching spot OCEAN
When doubled, a disapproval TSK
Where Sony is listed as SNE NYSE
Zap with a stun gun TASE
___ detector LIE