The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 7933

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Clues Answers
Beg; long for CRAVE
Breed of dog SETTER
Clenched hand FIST
Clothing GARB
Connected transversely cross-linked
Dish cooked in wok or frying pan stir-fry
Evergreen shrub OLEANDER
Forward movement PROGRESS
From one side to the other ACROSS
Living in or near water AQUATIC
Perspire SWEAT
Portable computer LAPTOP
Clues Answers
Private teacher TUTOR
Rebuke, chide SCOLD
Region, zone AREA
Religious belief FAITH
Religious travellers PILGRIMS
Rum cocktail DAIQUIRI
Slanting OBLIQUE
Sunset to sunrise NIGHT
Thoroughly search RANSACK
Tube for cables, etc DUCT
Win victory over DEFEAT
Worry intensely AGONISE