Family Time - Apr 7 2019

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Clues Answers
"Better ___ than never" LATE
"Long, long ___ ..." AGO
"The ___ Ranger" LONE
"Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of ___" RUM
"___ Little Girl" OUR
Acquired dishonestly ILLGOTTEN
African country nearest Spain MOROCCO
Agenda entry ITEM
Am for more than one? ARE
Amateur's antonym PRO
Barely achieve (with "out") EKE
Belted out songs SANG
Bit of cleverness MOT
Blue ___ (Capri attraction) GROTTO
Bothersome driver (2 words) ROADHOG
Buddy you write to regularly (2 words) PENPAL
Butterfly-catching device NET
Carpet buyer's calculation AREA
Chain stitch, e.g CROCHET
College head DEAN
Dark clouds, to some OMEN
Distribute (with "out") METE
Dogcatcher's prey CUR
Eager AVID
Envision SEE
Feel under the weather AIL
Future embryos OVA
Get hot under the collar SEETHE
It's of miner concern? ORE
Kuwaiti prince EMIR
Lady Liberty, e.g STATUE
Clues Answers
Masseuse room SPA
Merchant-explorer Marco ___ POLO
Molecule part ATOM
Organ of hearing EAR
Part of an inheritance? GENE
Pie or pudding DESSERT
Pigeon sound COO
Pine or orange TREE
Place to shop STORE
Pond's film cover ALGAE
Put two and two together ADD
Ricochet CAROM
Root in Hawaiian cuisine TARO
Second highest in a family of instruments ALTO
Set fire to LIT
Something from the sun HEAT
Sound quality TONE
Speeders step on it GAS
Stone arrangement a la Stonehenge DOLMEN
Store opening time, often NINE
Super-wild fan MANIAC
Surgery line SCAR
Toothed wheel COG
Verse on a vase ODE
Washington and ___ University LEE
Waterfront structure PIER
What a band may have planned TOUR
When purchased alone EACH
Without self-control AMOK
Word after Big Band or Christian ERA
X : kiss :: O : ___ HUG