The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,206 - Apr 5 2019

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Clues Answers
A matching offer, or a different one COUNTERPROPOSAL
Absolutely fills a Yorkshireman's bags ILLSAY
Across desert, low air rises, freezes MORATORIA
Air-traffic control attendant smuggling one parcel PILOTAGE
Ancient statues by old canal banks lost XOANA
Area held by soldiers, effectively home after 1984 ORWELLIAN
Basic uniform, grey, and torn dresses RUDIMENT
Bird -- last to eat toast? WHEATEAR
Boy captivated by shy cleaner CHARLADY
Caller imagined being heard GUEST
Flirting daughter's marriage DALLIANCE
Food item baked after dance music ALASKA
Full pint, no head, great when knocked back INTEGRAL
Get in contact with nurses a bit suspiciously OBTAIN
Having returned to teach history BACKGROUND
Clues Answers
Just go LEGIT
Kid Jensen's old Smash Hits introductions? JOSH
Opening of rose in rose bud SPROUT
Outlaws in court, about 59 returning EXILES
Outright sluggish? LIKEASHOT
Poison some drinking water PARAQUAT
Riddle is, conversely, always unfinished SIEVE
Robots did so -- ran amok ANDROIDS
Rum, say, yet bubbly YEASTY
Swallow cake the wrong way GULP
Volume of glue SIZE
Way too expensive for most? EASYSTREET
Who might spot booby and warbler? TWITCHER
With tip at wrong end, spare key REEF