New York Times - Apr 5 2019

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Clues Answers
'Holy moly!' YIPE
'Pretty please?' CANTI
'Ta-ta!' SEEYA
'Well, that was weird' OKTHEN
'___ party!' LETS
1957 Jimmy Dorsey hit SORARE
2006 film '___ and the Bee' AKEELAH
2015 crime film with Emily Blunt and Benicio del Toro SICARIO
According to ALA
Alternative to Tempur-Pedic SERTA
Athletes at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette RAGINCAJUNS
Attend without a partner GOSTAG
Ball of yarn, maybe CATTOY
Big insurance acronym AFLAC
Board appointee, for short CEO
Bona fides from fellow cool people HIPSTERCRED
Brightly colored fish OPAH
Camper manufacturer ALINER
Challenge OPPOSE
Chocolaty Post cereal OREOOS
Clink PEN
Cold carnival treat SNOWCONE
Comic book sound effect KAPOW
Early distribution of a piece of software BETARELEASE
Entry points INS
Fanfare ECLAT
Gangland weapons, quaintly GATS
Genre for Fall Out Boy EMOPOP
Hot rod? SPIT
In this manner LIKESO
Intrude suddenly IRRUPT
Is rewarded for service GETSATIP
Clues Answers
Little something to help later on NESTEGG
Luxury car of the early 20th century PIERCEARROW
Mate's response AYESIR
Michael of 'Caddyshack' OKEEFE
Ones going through the motions? TRIALJUDGES
Order to stop the presses? GAGLAW
Parent company of Philip Morris ALTRIA
Poor reception? HISS
Post on a wall, say TAPEUP
Prefix with car or conscious ECO
Prepare to divulge a secret, maybe LEANIN
Promised SWORE
Punishment used by some hit men Kneecapping
Radio-era dummy SNERD
Refuses SAYSNO
Resolve SETTLE
See 6-Down LADS
Selfish sorts HOGS
Series opener ALPHA
Slacks PANTS
Snoop ___ DOGG
Sore loser BADSPORT
Tap sites KEGS
Title for Eva Perón SENORA
Uphold HEWTO
Website with gadget reviews CNET
Went berserk RANAMOK
With 7-Down, Scottish boys WEE
Worker with a seal NOTARY
Worrisome comment from a navigator WERELOST
___ fly SAC
___ Miguel, largest of the Azores SAO
___ Virtue, 2018 Olympic ice dancing gold medalist TESSA