The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 27,787 - Apr 5 2019

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Clues Answers
Auntie showing up just the same? BEEB
Behold peril initially in hurdles to negotiate — we're in trouble! LORDHELPUS
Bronze sculptures perhaps turned round to reveal mystical text TANTRA
Catching rear in mirror, a superstar appearing cooler AIRCON
Cinema gets you in the end ARTHOUSE
Coming from North Africa, religious teaching in appropriate place? MORESQUE
Despise boss a certain amount EXECRATE
Drop sprays in general — does it? CROPDUSTER
Female with chequered history, supposedly maturing by now? FORTYISH
Figure of a child dressed in rags, the mark of Trump's economics? DOLLARSIGN
Fish without a memory, hauled up MARLIN
Fragile thing, problem leading to fault TEASERVICE
Gas starts to inflate umpteen wheel surrounds HELIUM
Hoarder — gentleman collecting right and left SQUIRREL
Clues Answers
House done, clean the carpets HOOVER
In protest, I refused to move STIR
Leaving home, freeloading daughter made ungracious remarks, all concluding EGRESS
Lovely ovoid shape in spoiled egg, sour GORGEOUS
Narrative about to chime with the conjecture of quantum physicists STRING
Party remains behind leader in bewilderment BASH
Previous charge in court bringing feeling of uncertainty COLDFEET
Prince, villain having ousted a king IGOR
Small in two ways? MODEST
Spirited king serious, on having lost crown OBERON
This food's indigestible — that's as much as a lady will admit? ROUGHAGE
With order originally maintained, author losing head as one joining the fray? RIOTER
Worker wrapping up the whole puzzle BEMUSE