New York Times - Apr 3 2019

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Clues Answers
'... am I right?!' ORWHAT
'Ben-___' HUR
'I'll do that job' ONIT
'Let me think ... huh-uh' UMNO
'Stat!' ASAP
*Howard Carter, 1922 TUTANKHAMENSTOMB
*Louis Pasteur, 1885 RABIESVACCINE
*Roald Amundsen, 1906 NORTHWESTPASSAGE
*William Herschel, 1781 URANUS
Abstainer's portion NONE
Annual mystery writer's award AGATHA
Appear SEEM
Aromatherapy spot SPA
Bells and whistles, maybe ALERTS
Bets everything one's got GOESALLIN
Big part of an elephant EAR
Bit of Oscar recognition, informally NOM
Bond wore a white one in 'Goldfinger' TUXEDO
Car body option SEDAN
Chicken ___ POX
Commercial holiday mailing GIFTGUIDE
Competitor of Target KOHLS
Deuce follower ADIN
Droop SAG
Dust-up SPAT
Enhances, as an original recording REMASTERS
Favorable outcome SUCCESS
French article UNE
Goof ERR
Google returns ... or the answers to the four starred clues SEARCHRESULTS
Goose ___ EGG
Half of square dance participants, typically GALS
Heart and ___ SOUL
Helmut of fashion LANG
Home of the Titans TENNESSEE
Kind of fly TSETSE
Kind of pork on a Chinese menu MOOSHU
Length of a quick tennis match ONESET
Clues Answers
Letter above a sleeping toon ZEE
Losing poker player's declaration IMOUT
Lucy's man DESI
Magic creatures of Jewish lore GOLEMS
Mexican resort area, for short CABO
Old British biplanes with an apt name AVIANS
One issuing red cards, for short REF
One-named Latin singer CHARO
Others, in a Latin list ALII
Overhang EAVE
Pageant topper TIARA
Partner of part PARCEL
Pass slowly and carefully EASEBY
Peacock's walk STRUT
Pick on TEASE
Possible reason for an R rating SEX
Prez or veep EXEC
Queens's Arthur ___ Stadium ASHE
Reine's husband ROI
Sch. system with campuses in Pullman and Spokane WSU
Seattle-based retail giant AMAZON
Something to confess at a confessional SIN
Still in one piece INTACT
Strands at a ski lodge, say ICESIN
Street cleaning day event TOW
The 'C' of F.C. Barcelona CLUB
Time to remember ERA
Topic in parapsychology, for short ESP
U2 can call it home EIRE
Unwanted blanket SMOG
Ver-r-ry small EENSY
Verdi's 'La donna è mobile,' for one ARIA
Vintage car inits REO
Where Apia is found SAMOA
Where's it's happening ONSCENE
___ access VIP