Universal - Mar 29 2019

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Clues Answers
"Hit" man, perhaps? BLACKJACKDEALER
"Hulk" director Lee ANG
"Surely you ___!" JEST
"We're on the same page!" IAGREE
1968 Rolling Stones hit JUMPINJACKFLASH
A grasshopper may go on one BARTAB
Actress Petty or Singer LORI
Angsty genre EMO
Baltic Avenue or Boardwalk DEED
Bath oil brand KERI
Brief ring call TKO
British P.M. Tony BLAIR
Chocolate substitute CAROB
City in New York's Mohawk Valley UTICA
Continue until ENDAT
Country east of Yemen OMAN
Crossing the Atlantic, say ASEA
Deadpan humor DRYWIT
Did laps RAN
Difficult conditions RIGORS
Ear's "anvil" INCUS
Encouragements for a nursery rhyme character found twice in this puzzle BENIMBLEBEQUICK
Esquires' grp ABA
FBI's division DOJ
Flowering shrub AZALEA
Fox of "CSI" JORJA
German industrial region RUHR
Half, in Le Havre DEMI
Holiday precursors EVES
Hurdle for the nursery rhyme character CANDLESTICK
Is under the weather AILS
Japanese spitz breed AKITA
Katniss' "Hunger Games" partner PEETA
Large intestine, e.g ORGAN
LGA posting ETA
Like a dangerous 35-Across RABID
Clues Answers
Like cargo pants BAGGY
Macho superhero HEMAN
Mafia chief CAPO
Massage site BACK
Mongolian invader TATAR
Muslim face veil NIQAB
Nest builder BIRD
On or after ASOF
One making a comeback? BOOMERANG
One past due? TRE
Ouzo flavoring ANISE
Painter Chagall MARC
Party with lots of beer BASH
Peruvian pack animal LLAMA
Pipe-clearing brand DRANO
Raccoon relatives COATIS
Real estate account ESCROW
Sandy garden type ZEN
Santa ___ winds ANA
Sean Lennon's mom ONO
Seoul-based airline ASIANA
Sgt., for one NCO
Sis or bro SIB
Skating legend Henie SONJA
Small ammo BBS
Soccer star Hamm MIA
Some have jingles ADS
Sometimes-wooden golf item TEE
Somewhat ABIT
St. Bernard collar accessory KEG
St. ___ Girl beer PAULI
Stadium ARENA
Top pilot ACE
Ukrainian capital KIEV
Upside-down mammal BAT
Venetian commercial center RIALTO
___ Wild (cable channel) NATGEO