The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,010 - Mar 28 2019

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Clues Answers
Ale takes action on English yeoman BEEFEATER
Attack anyway, taking on Stoke's centre BOUT
Bodice needs adjusting containing one's unruliness DISOBEDIENCE
Caught past fielding position COVER
Crowds seeing run in revealing underwear THRONGS
Detectives run around bend DISTORT
Docker night and day inside hold STEVEDORE
Fine hose put on thigh lastly HAIRLINE
Fruit also saves mother time TOMATO
Harry is naughty then good with Queen BADGER
Lover sensitively penning poetry VERSE
Minister to split moving right to centre SERVE
Most fit old man's upset before examination APTEST
One initially acquires competence taking on roles ACTOR
One's plan adequately describes walk ESPLANADE
Clues Answers
Pillar of America consumed by boasting BALUSTER
Premier accepts explosive command BEHEST
Prophecy about to be found in wood FORECAST
Put tackle in hot water IRRIGATE
Ruin atmosphere that's on the up DOOM
Show man's broadcast GUISE
Small painting's start holding small brush SWEEP
Steep charge supporting staff MACERATE
Team facing Spanish team of stars SIDEREAL
This could signify a lift for Trump! ELEVATOR
Thrash metal duo soften MODULATE
Trouble with part for love ADORATION
Underground deviation with transport going north SUBWAY
Very large quarry for predatory bird OSPREY
Without adult moulded earthen vessel anyhow NEVERTHELESS