Universal - Mar 28 2019

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Clues Answers
"CSI" molecule DNA
"Keep but rename" menu option SAVEAS
"Selma" director DuVernay AVA
'90s GM cars GEOS
*1998 Robin Williams film PATCHADAMS
*City outside Joshua Tree National Park TWENTYNINEPALMS
*OX, in love letters AHUGANDAKISS
24-hour endurance race LEMANS
://www lead-in HTTP
Actor Reeves KEANU
AWOL chasers MPS
Back-comb TEASE
Based on theoretical deduction APRIORI
Beto's 2018 opponent TED
Big pig HOG
Braying beast ASS
Bygone Iranian ruler SHAH
Cabernet and chardonnay WINES
Certain PTA participant DAD
Certain sib SIS
Colorful, flowing garment: Var SARAPE
Cuddly marsupial KOALA
Discontinued item? EXES
Dissenter's vote NAY
Earth-friendly prefix ECO
Emulate an eagle SOAR
Exude OOZE
FBI agent GMAN
Flair or Ocasek RIC
Form-fitting garment BRA
Genetic strand shape HELIX
Georgetown ballers HOYAS
God, in Islam ALLAH
Hardcore punk offshoot EMO
Hathaway of "Serenity" ANNE
Home runs, e.g HITS
Hullabaloos ADOS
Clues Answers
In the thick of AMID
Individuals SELVES
Inter ___ (among others) ALIA
IRS form experts CPAS
It's lined with crust PIEPAN
Jeremy of the NBA LIN
Johnny who played Jack Sparrow DEPP
Koh-i-___ diamond NOOR
Like the countries in the starred answers, literally and figuratively LANDLOCKED
Lust and greed SINS
Luxury German cars BMWS
Make turbid ROIL
Message board admins MODS
Microloan nonprofit KIVA
Nickel back? MONTICELLO
Overly TOO
Prefix for "sweet" or "circle" SEMI
Rand McNally book ATLAS
Regional dialect PATOIS
Sainted Mother TERESA
Scarlet letter, e.g STIGMA
Shower attention (on) DOTE
Slip up ERR
Snakelike swimmer EEL
Social standard NORM
Squeaks (out) EKES
Swiss peak ALP
Syrian strongman ASSAD
Texas city near Ciudad Juarez ELPASO
Three-syllable berry ACAI
Tired, as a joke OLD
Utters, informally SEZ
Where Sioux City is IOWA
Wiimote batteries AAS
Windy City exchange, with "the" MERC
Winter transports SLEDS
Yiddish laments OYS
Yoga postures ASANAS