Irish Times (Simplex) - Mar 27 2019

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Clues Answers
''Success is counted those who ne'er succeed'' (Emily Dickinson) SWEETEST
Arm joint ELBOW
Blueprint, sketch DESIGN
City thoroughfare STREET
Concerned with principles of right and wrong MORAL
Cooked squid CALAMARI
Degree of loudness VOLUME
Explanatory drawings DIAGRAMS
Go beyond the intended target OVERSHOOT
Harris and Coveney SIMON
Ideas, customs and social behaviours of particular societies CULTURES
It acts as a catalyst to bring about biochemical reaction ENZYME
It bites livestock GADFLY
Large menagerie ZOO
Length or breadth, say DIMENSION
Margin allowing some room for manoeuvre LEEWAY
Minor actor in crowd scene EXTRA
Noisy insect CICADA
Clues Answers
Not qualified in any way ABSOLUTE
Pass through a sieve STRAIN
People and things are known by them NAMES
Poise, sang-froid APLOMB
Prised out the insect SPIDER
Respiratory disease PNEUMONIA
Royal dog CORGI
Silver and aluminium, say METALS
Snake-like fish EEL
Sorrowful, unhappy SAD
State of armed conflict WAR
Strained or emphasised STRESSED
Supply available for future use STORE
Taking a case to a higher court APPEALING
This card has an advantage TRUMP
Undeveloped but potentially useful FALLOW
Uneasy, unable to relax RESTLESS
Works established as literature CLASSICS