Universal - Mar 24 2019

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Clues Answers
//www.crosswordgiant.com/crossword-clue/1252911/ PERIOD
"C'___ la vie" EST
"Gotta run!" TATA
"My Country, ___ of Thee" TIS
"Spill it!" TELLME
"The Queen of Christian Pop" AMYGRANT
2014 One Direction song STEALMYGIRL
Actress Arthur BEA
All there SANE
Alpine lift TBAR
Amazon's "The Marvelous ___ Maisel" MRS
Ancient region of Turkey IONIA
Bete ___ NOIRE
Cheetah or chipmunk MAMMAL
Complete disaster HOTMESS
Cosmic payback KARMA
Courteney of "Friends" COX
Cured salmon LOX
Dealt with SEENTO
Debbie Downer's partner? GLOOMYGUS
Delicate juggling prop EGG
Discover UNEARTH
Drilling setup RIG
Facility for indoor scaling, and what you'll find in 3-, 9-, 20- and 36-Down CLIMBINGGYM
Home of the NBA's Heat MIAMI
Hybrid breakfast treats CRONUTS
IM sign-off TTYL
Imam's text KORAN
Impulsive RASH
Indira in Indian history GANDHI
Inexpensive, slangily CHEAPO
It's on the house SHINGLE
Italian sandwich meat BOLOGNA
Japanese drama NOH
Kagan colleague ALITO
Kindle alternative NOOK
Clues Answers
Lamb's sound BAA
Landed a blow STRUCK
Like baklava or mead HONEYED
Make a real effort TRYHARD
Managed somehow MADEDO
Mean expression SNEER
Miscount, maybe ERR
Monopoly cards DEEDS
Nevada slots city RENO
Not merited UNEARNED
Number theory pioneer EULER
Old-school PC game holders CDROMS
Parenthetically mention ADD
Pokemon protagonist Ketchum ASH
Potpie tidbit PEA
Pressure indicator GAUGE
Ratted out TOLDON
Regal perch THRONE
Royal castle in Scotland BALMORAL
Sarcastic remarks CRACKS
Scoundrel ROGUE
Screening org TSA
Secretly loop in BCC
Squiggle over an "n" TILDE
Stretch of land TRACT
Supermodel Banks TYRA
Take in, as a pet ADOPT
Take most of HOG
Tannery workers DYERS
Test prep giant KAPLAN
Texter's digit THUMB
Title for Brigitte Macron: Abbr MME
Toledo treasure ORO
Weapon in old gangster films TOMMYGUN
Willing to take risks DARING
You enter your PIN after inserting it ATMCARD
___-Hulk (green superheroine) SHE