Universal - Mar 21 2019

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Clues Answers
"Boo'd Up" singer Ella MAI
"Garfield" pooch ODIE
"I think," in an email IMO
"Jumbo" flier JET
"Remember the ___!" ALAMO
"Rock" and "roll," for two VERBS
"SNL" alumnus Carvey DANA
"Vice" star Christian BALE
"What ___ I tell you?" DID
"___ queen!" YAS
"___ there?" WHOS
(That punch hurt!) OOF
*Big Bird's mammoth-like pal MRSNUFFLEUPAGUS
*Calvin's tiger pal HOBBES
*Christopher Robin's bear pal WINNIETHEPOOH
*Elwood P. Dowd's rabbit pal HARVEY
16 oz ONELB
A, in Arles UNE
Actor Rickman ALAN
Advice columnist Landers ANN
Air France airport ORLY
American Samoa's capital PAGOPAGO
Any of the starred answers, some say IMAGINARYFRIEND
Bandleader's "Let's go!" HITIT
Beauty's love BEAST
Bicycle type for two TANDEM
Black cats, to some OMENS
Boston summer hrs EDT
Cape Canaveral's locale: Abbr FLA
Carol Brady, to the Bunch MOM
Cause of weird weather ELNINO
Chewy candy NOUGAT
Chocolate syrup brand BOSCO
Chooses OPTS
Code-breaking org NSA
Couric or Holmes KATIE
Cowboy's lasso RIATA
Crater maker METEOR
Clues Answers
Dr. Spengler of "Ghostbusters" EGON
Flag pin spot LAPEL
Flight takeoff stat ETD
Game for little sluggers TBALL
Game with Skip cards UNO
Gull's floating perch BUOY
Gymnast's landing pad MAT
Hardly hip NERDY
Hit in a bumper car RAM
Honey meas TSP
Horatian poem ODE
Huge: Prefix MEGA
Humdrum BLAH
Inbox status UNREAD
Like Cheerios OATEN
List of things to discuss AGENDA
Margarita specification NOSALT
Martin's "Laugh-In" partner ROWAN
Needing a scrubbing DIRTY
Old Spice alternative BRUT
Omega preceder PSI
One may end with "or else!" THREAT
One of Moses' spies CALEB
Ostrich relative EMU
Personal ad abbr SWF
Sandwich with two spreads, briefly PBJ
Stay out of sight HIDE
Subject of Attila HUN
Take down a peg HUMBLE
Teeth expert's deg DDS
Test, as ore ASSAY
Will figures HEIRS
Word before "bike" or "boat" MOTOR
___ Angeles LOS
___ land (dreamy state) LALA
___ lazuli LAPIS
___-slapper (funny joke) KNEE
___-weenie TEENIE