- Mar 20 2019

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Clues Answers
''Hot'' or ''iced'' drink TEA
''See ya!'' BYE
Accelerates, with ''up'' AMPS
Actress Adams AMY
Africa's longest river NILE
Annoying one PEST
Appetizing SAVORY
Baby beagle PUP
Beast of burden ASS
Beethoven piano piece SONATA
Bovine bellow MOO
Bring into harmony ATTUNE
Brown shade TAN
Business school subj ECON
Butterfly catcher NET
Carrot, for Frosty NOSE
Castle's watery ring MOAT
CBS symbol EYE
Celestial bear URSA
Coloring stick CRAYON
Command to a canine SIT
Command to a canine STAY
Commits a blunder ERRS
Common polar surface SEAICE
Contained HAD
Cram for exams, with ''up'' BONE
Dashboard letters MPH
Drain of energy SAP
Dress of New Delhi SARI
Dumbbell metal IRON
Emphasize STRESS
Evil spirit DEMON
Female toon explorer DORA
Filling for a party bowl DIP
Garden bulb TULIP
Glossy fabric SATEEN
Clues Answers
Hot tub SPA
Items of value ASSETS
KGB's country USSR
Limo, for instance AUTO
Loch legend's nickname NESSIE
Minor falling-out SPAT
Morsel in fried rice PEA
Muscle twinge SPASM
Narrow racing boat SCULL
One of the Beatles PAUL
Optimist's ''limit'' SKY
Oscar actress Sissy SPACEK
PC bailout key ESC
Peace Nobelist Mother __ TERESA
Perched on ATOP
Printed-page border MARGIN
Quaker State school PENN
Rein, essentially STRAP
Review poorly PAN
Rural stopover INN
Samuel of the Supreme Court ALITO
Scratch up MAR
See 9 Down RICO
Spanish cheer OLE
Starring role LEAD
Sticklike in build SLIM
Take offense at RESENT
Take turns ROTATE
Told a whopper LIED
Toledo's lake ERIE
U-turn from WSW ENE
Unconventional ODD
Well-coordinated INSYNC
Wistful word ALAS
With 40 Down, American commonwealth PUERTO
__ and sciences ARTS
__ Grande RIO