Jonesin' - Mar 19 2019

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Clues Answers
'1984' actor with 7 Oscar nominations and no wins RICHARDBURTON
'All Songs Considered' network NPR
'Allow me ...' ILLTRY
'Back at One' R&B singer with 16 Grammy nominations and no wins BRIANMCKNIGHT
'Ballers' network HBO
'Bette Davis Eyes' singer Kim CARNES
'Camelot' collaborator LOEWE
'Carte' or 'mode' preceder ALA
'Desus & ___' (2019 late-night Showtime TV show) MERO
'Fingers crossed' IHOPE
'It's ___ sham!' ALLA
'Modern Family' rating TVPG
'Slumdog Millionaire' locale AGRA
'The Crow' actress ___ Ling BAI
'The End of the Innocence' singer Don HENLEY
'Tim and ___ Awesome Show, Great Job!' ERIC
'Watchmen' actor Jackie ___ Haley EARLE
'Who's there?' reply ITSME
'Yeah right!' HAH
'___ Through the Gift Shop' EXIT
12th of 12 DEC
1983 Pacino pic SCARFACE
Allots, with 'out' METES
Art sch. class ANAT
Brandenburg Concertos monogram JSB
Bread from a tandoor NAAN
Chocolate source CACAO
Committed response YES
Compensate ATONE
Composer/lyricist of 'Godspell' with 6 Tony nominations and no wins (not counting an honorary Tony) STEPHENSCHWARTZ
Consignment shop transaction RESALE
Cranberry color RED
Crowd noise RAH
Did some diagnostic work, maybe RANATEST
Distraught UPSET
Especially EXTRA
Freestyle, perhaps RAP
George Gershwin's brother IRA
Clues Answers
Giant step STRIDE
Go along with OBEY
Go to hell ___ handbasket INA
Idyllic setting EDEN
Inked art, for short TAT
Intelligible COHERENT
Involving both sides of the body BILATERAL
Jost cohost CHE
Lacking enthusiasm TEPID
Late arrival STRAGGLER
Lift with force HEAVE
Little drink NIP
Maker of the 2600 ATARI
Mediterranean or Baltic, e.g SEA
Milton Bradley game featuring facial features GUESSWHO
Most negligible LEAST
Muscular contractions TICS
NASCAR participant RACER
On point APT
One of many in a googol ZERO
Org. overseeing summer and winter competitions IOC
Org. that's supposed to be green EPA
Othello foe IAGO
Part of the Woodstock logo BIRD
Practice figures, for short? DRS
Prepared, as water for pasta BOILED
President between Roosevelt and Wilson TAFT
Raise reason MERIT
Ride share amount, maybe RATE
Romulans, e.g ETS
Run up ___ (drink at the bar) ATAB
Seafood dip ingredient CRAB
Sitcom set in suburban Houston REBA
Soccer stadium chant OLEOLE
Take to the rink SKATE
Talk incessantly JABBER
Timothy Leary's hallucinogen LSD
Tiny WEE
___ kwon do TAE