L.A. Times Daily - Mar 19 2019

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Clues Answers
"__ shoe fits ... " IFTHE
Ace's value, at times ONE
Advice to sinners ATONE
AFB truant AWOL
Amazon Echo's assistant ALEXA
App annoyances ADS
Apple tablet from 2013 to 2016 IPADAIR
Back-of-book lists INDEXES
Bit of pageant attire SASH
Botanical swelling EDEMA
Bronchial woe ASTHMA
Calligrapher's swirl SERIF
Calls it off DESISTS
Capital of Tibet LHASA
Cards with pics IDS
Chicago mayor Emanuel RAHM
Choral part ALTO
Cookware items POTS
Deliberately avoid SHUN
Delivery doc OBGYN
Diary securer HASP
Drive-__ window THRU
Dublin's land: Abbr IRE
Embroidered pronoun HIS
Factory work period SHIFT
Fashionista Mary-Kate OLSEN
Faux ally FRENEMY
Figures of speech IDIOMS
Flowers, in Florence FIORI
Former Mideast org UAR
Gp. that isn't gun-shy NRA
Hang around TARRY
Hard-to-miss sign NEON
Have some grub EAT
Hawaiian hi ALOHA
In favor of PRO
Jazzman Montgomery WES
Kubrick's out-of-control computer HAL
Lexi Thompson's sports org LPGA
Clues Answers
Messing of "Will & Grace" DEBRA
Mosque toppers DOMES
Mouth off to SASS
Movie lab assistant IGOR
Mythical horned equine UNICORN
Nabisco nibble OREO
Narc's discovery STASH
Perform in the theater ... and what can be done to the end of 17-, 25-, 37- and 48-Across PUTONASHOW
Period with dreams, e.g SLEEPSTAGE
Pothole's place ROAD
Proofer's find TYPO
Ranch grazers COWS
Ready to drive, as a golf ball TEEDUP
Real estate buy LOT
Rest area array SEMIS
Restaurant survey creator ZAGAT
Romanov royals TSARS
Sainted fifth-century pope LEOI
Scrabble 10-pointer ZTILE
Screenwriter Ephron NORA
Several hairpin turns ESSES
Soup spheres PEAS
Stand the test of time LAST
Stars and Stripes squad TEAMUSA
Subject of some weather advisories SMALLCRAFT
Summit Plummet at Disney World, for one WATERSLIDE
Taco truck allure AROMA
They don't like company LONERS
Timber shaper ADZE
Use a wrecking ball on RAZE
Vein yields ORES
Visibly healed, as skin SCARRED
Wall and Bourbon: Abbr STS
Wedding reception highlight TOAST
World Cup shout OLE
Yank TUG
Yellow Brick Road dog TOTO
__ Ark NOAHS