New York Times - Mar 19 2019

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Clues Answers
'Hilarious!,' online ROFL
'Like ... um ...' IMEAN
'Oh, yeah?' SAYSWHO
'Phooey!' RATS
'Pow!' WHAM
'Same here!' ASDOI
'So long!' TATA
'___ Miz' LES
'___ your lip!' ZIP
Ancient speakers of Quechua INCA
Author of 'Faust' GOETHE
Ban competitor ARRID
Big name in cheese KRAFT
Bobby who defeated Boris Spassky at the 1972 World Chess Championship FISCHER
Boots, mask, etc., for a firefighter GEAR
Call, as a soccer game REF
Capital of West Germany BONN
Change direction sharply PIVOT
Coins in India RUPEES
Colorful parrot MACAW
Condescending sort SNOB
Covers with black goo TARS
Crystal balls, e.g ORBS
Dark movie genre [12,13,14,15] FILMNOIR
Diplomatic controversy of the 1790s [24,25,26] XYZAFFAIR
Droop from lack of water WILT
DVD forerunner VHS
Eight-sided solids OCTAHEDRA
Emperor who rebuilt Rome after it burned NERO
Enlist again REUP
Evidence of a leak DRIP
Gambling locale RENO
Gilbert of 'The Conners' SARA
Go ___ great length ONAT
Greek T's TAUS
Half of the rap duo Black Star [4,5,6] MOSDEF
Hightail it away FLEE
Hightail it away, with 'out' PEEL
Hotly desire LUSTFOR
Houston's home TEXAS
Island party LUAU
Kentucky's Fort ___ KNOX
Clues Answers
Kind of yoga HATHA
Like a 'doh!' moment DUMB
Like some tuition at public universities INSTATE
Mischievous fairy PIXIE
Obi-Wan Kenobi, for one JEDI
Obstinate animal ASS
Open to both men and women, as a college COED
Paint carelessly DAUB
Palm berry ACAI
Parts of a yard FEET
Patsies SAPS
Performed, to Shakespeare DIDST
Places for baseball team insignia CAPS
Post office service USMAIL
Prefight ritual [7,8,9] WEIGHIN
Prefix with conservative NEO
Real comedian RIOT
Repast MEAL
Response to a court oath IDO
Room in a harem ODA
Santa's 'gift' for bad children COAL
Shaky beginning? SEISMO
Silly marketing ploy designed to get attention [18,19,20] PRSTUNT
Simple, simple, simple [1,2,3] EASYASABC
Singer with the 2010 3x platinum single 'All I Do Is Win' [10,11] DJKHALED
Some choir voices ALTI
Stat for a pitcher ERA
Substitute for Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers, informally [16,17] BACKUPQB
Things assayers assay ORES
Tiny bit of sunlight, for short [21,22,23] UVWAVE
To whom a coxswain calls ROWER
Toupees, in slang RUGS
Tutor of Alexander the Great ARISTOTLE
Underline STRESS
United ONE
Vega's constellation LYRA
Veteran's woe, for short PTSD
Weaver's device LOOM
When some lunches end ATTWO
Where the Tigris and Euphrates flow IRAQ