The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 27302

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Clues Answers
American writer’s book cool about the Queen BIERCE
Arrived carrying hotel sign with name, for colour changer CHAMELEON
Book muckspreader with 50% reduction READER
Clear — chap’s back in love SMITTEN
Composer — mostly rich and very happy BLISSFUL
Diamonds to decorate ICE
Final disclosure about farmed meat REVEAL
Free toilets just north of East Newton LOOSEN
Girl’s after good mirror GLASS
Great politician spoken of as an important person BIGWIG
Happy with debts recorded as controversial CONTENTIOUS
He sells a mobile home by the coast, perhaps SEASHELL
Holy recluse has to make fast shortly before mass? ANCHORITE
Inactivity of monkey without oxygen LANGUOR
Lament of man about extinct bird BEMOAN
Make a lot of church service for Mussolini? mass-produce
Clues Answers
Office staff restricted air temperature SECRETARIAT
Old brown wire is green OLIVE
Original popular painting’s lost millions after a month INAUGURAL
Place religious education before science? Not I. Rot! PUTRESCENCE
Play again on middle of March and middle of June RERUN
Poem found in ciphers released by Civil Service? ODE
Queen perhaps supporting state founder’s flag PENNANT
React angrily where university abandons Old English BRISTLE
Ruler constructed from fir and ash SHARIF
Selfishly keep house key HOG
Supplement cosmetics make-up
Support nearly all right at the end BACKMOST
The last word in enduring time and space FIRMAMENT
Unusually pitched battle beside Cornish river FALSETTO
Vehicle to move tanker’s fuel, say CARGO
What makes cuts — in A&E that’s wrong! AXE