The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,001 - Mar 18 2019

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Clues Answers
Avoid team on stage SIDESTEP
Bear, Rupert, initially appearing in annual? BROOK
Bit of energy in ├ęclair: unusually, about zero! CALORIE
British love meat, visiting Alabama, more than anything else ABOVEALL
Broadcast shows monarch's head in carriage TRANSMIT
Demand protection CHARGE
District Attorney: I vet awkward case DATIVE
Earth perhaps flat? Thinking, originally PLANET
Feel sorry about Garbo, briefly REGRET
Fellow associated with northern group of witches COVEN
Figure on horseback to move forward SHAPEUP
Finally consuming last of cheese, if nothing else ATLEAST
Grass, admitting swindle, comes to regret about being a teller of tales RACONTEUR
Kit Carson, say, in theatre role upon retirement TRAPPER
Clues Answers
Long-serving animal expert near ground VETERAN
Monster ride, mostly round perimeter of parks CYCLOPS
Nag, pinto, prepared for moving POIGNANT
New First Lady? Republican? Surely not! NEVER
Old soldier, or cadet in need of training REDCOAT
Recommend Edinburgh lawyer? ADVOCATE
Record crowd causing standstill LOGJAM
Renowned painter ordered vindaloo and rice LEONARDODAVINCI
Snare elk -- name for male NOOSE
Stuff and nonsense in little black book I found during storm RUBBISH
The cost of a round? GREENFEE
To enjoy what's available, use a certain something as best you can (4,3,4,2,2) MAKETHEMOSTOFIT
To that extent, carrier is off course ASTRAY
What a soldier may be seen wearing in much admired film GREATCOAT