Wall Street Journal - Mar 19 2019 - Follow the Clues

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Clues Answers
Abounds TEEMS
Alerts from the LAPD APBS
At any time EVER
Ballet attire TIGHTS
Big bash FETE
Blond shade ASH
Break in relations RIFT
Brit's bathroom LOO
Butterfly, e.g MADAME
Campaign barometer POLL
Classic street liners ELMS
Click, so to speak HITITOFF
Commencement START
Company that makes the Slip 'N Slide and Frisbee WHAMO
Completely ALL
Crafts website ETSY
Cry from a crib MAMA
Davidson of 'SNL' PETE
Dedicated poetry ODES
Delivery from a diva ARIA
Dieters' destination FATFARM
Dismiss ruthlessly AXE
Doesn't stay put ROAMS
Eastern 'way' TAO
Facilitated AIDED
Facts and figures DATA
Fencing partner? NEIGHBOR
First man ADAM
Follow a 1950s TV superstar? TRACKBALL
Follow a Microsoft mogul? TAILGATES
Follow a modernist poet? DOGPOUND
Follow a silent-film cowboy? TRAILMIX
Gear wheel COG
Government income TAX
Group between the boomers and millennials XERS
Hershey import CACAO
Hospital VIPs MDS
Infamous emperor NERO
Insignificant MERE
Clues Answers
It's catching LASSO
Kaffiyeh wearers ARABS
Lady of 'A Star Is Born' GAGA
Laid up ILL
Long-plumed wader EGRET
Look hard STARE
Maze choices PATHS
Myopic Mr MAGOO
Not occupied FREE
Number that's added? ENCORE
Occupy, as a table SITAT
Opposed to, in the boondocks AGIN
Parent's predinner directive WASHUP
Persia, now IRAN
Physics focus ATOM
Rap sheet listing PRIOR
Refinement TASTE
Remarkable bravery HEROISM
River of Russia URAL
Rough barks WOOFS
Roulette bet RED
Sheet edge HEM
Showed to the door SAWOUT
Sir Walter Scott classic IVANHOE
Software giveaway DEMO
Sounds the hour CHIMES
Sparkly headwear TIARA
Student's writing assignment ESSAY
Superlative suffix EST
Throw a bomb GODEEP
Tourist trap art KITSCH
Vladimir Nabokov novel ADA
Whoopi's role in 'The Color Purple' CELIE
Wolf down SNARF
Wolfed down ATE
Woolen caps TAMS