Irish Times (Simplex) - Mar 15 2019

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Clues Answers
''... is the spur that the clear spirit doth raise (Lycidas, John Milton) FAME
Angular unit and college award DEGREE
Application, concentration ATTENTION
Bodies of salt water SEAS
Bring into being CREATE
Commences BEGINS
Diana can be a strange North American? CANADIAN
Engage to work EMPLOY
Followed orders OBEYED
Grabbed hold of SEIZED
Gustatory sensation TASTE
Hand-held firearm PISTOL
Infective agents VIRUSES
It attracts iron MAGNET
Journey by air or water VOYAGE
Lend a hand ASSIST
Levies of one tenth TITHES
Clues Answers
Liquid in vapour or spray form MOISTURE
No longer in force, inactive DEFUNCT
Of an early stage of civilization PRIMITIVE
One of several thicknesses LAYER
Ornamental bunches of cords TASSELS
Police officer's allocated area to be patrolled BEAT
Provides, furnishes SUPPLIES
Put in and set up for use INSTALLED
Qualification for 14-16-year-olds in the UK OLEVEL
Rough or crude, lacking refinement COARSE
Sleeveless garment like a cloak CAPE
Sunnier or smarter BRIGHTER
The mother of invention, it's said NECESSITY
Thick twisted rope CABLE
Turkish dynasty and cushioned stool OTTOMAN
Walk heavily or wearily TRAMP
Wool of a sheep FLEECE