New York Times - Mar 13 2019

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Clues Answers
'Dogs' FEET
'Here comes trouble!' OHNO
'No ___' (bumper sticker) NUKES
'Personally ...' TOME
'Star Trek: ___' (syndicated series of the '80s-'90s) TNG
'The Tale of ___ Saltan' (Rimsky-Korsakov opera) TSAR
'___ be my pleasure!' ITD
27 Chopin works ETUDES
Abbr. on a brewery sign ESTD
Acorn, essentially SEED
Art Deco notable ERTE
Arts and hard sciences, e.g AREAS
Award for Washington and Lee OSCAR
Ballpark purchase BEER
Becomes established SETSIN
Big name in mortgages? MAE
Bit of theater detritus STUB
Blackberrys, e.g., for short PDAS
Bombard PELT
Butts ENDS
Chop ___ SUEY
City under siege from 2012 to '16 ALEPPO
Danish money KRONER
Deals with SEESTO
Dissolute man ROUE
Distance for Captain Nemo LEAGUE
Draft org SSS
Dummkopf CLOD
Eponymous physicist Ernst MACH
Garden pest APHID
Get ready for planting PLOW
Girder type IBEAM
Grp. that gets the show on the road USO
Hide away STASH
Horrid sort OGRE
In ___ (developing) UTERO
Indirect comment ... or a hint to this puzzle's circled letters OBLIQUEREFERENCE
Indulged to excess, with 'on' ODED
Isn't a bystander ACTS
It varies from black to white GRAYSCALE
Clues Answers
Ithaca, to Odysseus HOME
Legendary Manhattan music club CBGB
Les ___-Unis ETATS
Like Mercury among all the planets INMOST
Like some golf shots and most bread SLICED
Like the slang 'da bomb' and 'tubular, man!' DATED
Lineage-based women's grp DAR
Longtime Syrian leader ASSAD
Made the rounds, say? BARTENDED
Metallic waste DROSS
Mythical figure known for ribaldry SATYR
N.B.A. Hall-of-Famer with four rap albums, informally SHAQ
Odysseus, to Ithaca RULER
Org. for students in uniform ROTC
Page 2, 4 or 6, generally VERSO
Patent preceder IDEA
Pictorial fabric TOILE
Pizza chain UNO
Place to go to swim, informally THEY
Places where streams flow VALES
Preferred seating request AISLE
Pupil of a lizard, e.g SLIT
Rare craps throws TWOS
Recipient of media complaints, for short FCC
Sides of some quads DORMS
Singer Carly ___ Jepsen RAE
Some turkeys TOMS
Space balls ORBS
Spread in a spread BRIE
Studying aid NOTES
Stumblebum OAF
Tennis Hall-of-Famer with a palindromic name SELES
The Charioteer constellation AURIGA
Understood TACIT
Vaquero's item RIATA
Well-organized NEAT
Worry about, informally SWEAT
Writer Edgar ___ Poe ALLAN
___ package CARE