The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 27,765 - Mar 11 2019

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Clues Answers
A lot of birds drink, so it's said BEVY
Attlee gets involved with core group of voters ELECTORATE
Broadly humorous Blair, afflicted with amnesia, miles away RABELAISIAN
Brown made castles, finally, with lots of sand DUNES
Bush supports ascendant though unintelligent player MIDFIELDER
Cameron is recollected in Italian city CREMONA
Capricious magician dropping in to entertain court MERCURIAL
Conveyance with horse taken from ancient city CARTAGE
Diner able to rejoin food queue BREADLINE
Explore online and draw back from excess SURFEIT
Fully-fledged monarch took in food for doctor ADULTERATE
Girl entertaining millions with right instrument DULCIMER
Greek island associated with a savoury snack SAMOSA
Horn is ordered for Leeds players RHINOS
In Minnesota citizenship is implied TACIT
Clues Answers
In Strasbourg I must accept one follower of May JUNE
Leisurewear right for author's work SHORTSTORY
Major heard where Augusta is MAINE
Measure American or Australian runners EMUS
New song about knight in realm of fantasy NARNIA
Noted female officer in funny cartoon CONTRALTO
Single note in old, old song OSOLEMIO
Swedes, say, providing ferret with haircut ROOTCROP
Tenant with a smaller amount midweek LESSEE
Testing a small saw ASSAYING
Thatcher may be seen here presenting song by the Drifters UPONTHEROOF
Tree providing shade LILAC
Trick panel for magicians CONJURORS
Unable to proceed in recession, king offloaded shares CUTS
Well-fed traveller allowed back in cafe REPLETE