The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 7907

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Clues Answers
12th to 15th century language Middle English
African kingdom LESOTHO
Agreeable; resort NICE
Boat steerer HELMSMAN
Break; card game SNAP
Card game EUCHRE
Church robe VESTMENT
Co-operating state ALLY
College officer DEAN
Distance travelled MILEAGE
Entangle ENMESH
Fast cat CHEETAH
Flower; went up ROSE
Clues Answers
Hindu cremation site GHAT
Legally answerable LIABLE
Maliciously mocking SNIDE
Old-fashioned OUTMODED
Reflected sound ECHO
Respect deeply REVERE
Sordid gain LUCRE
Supporting music ACCOMPANIMENT
Troubles; afflicts AILS
Unit of pronunciation SYLLABLE
Vertical, erect UPRIGHT